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Backyard Family Halloween Party Ideas

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This year on Halloween skip the trick or treating. Instead, check out these family Halloween party ideas and host a fun family friendly Halloween party for your friends, family and neighbors.

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Halloween is one of my favorite nights of the year. It’s the one night all year when most of the neighbors throw open the doors to their homes. Being outside with all of the other kids and parents in the neighborhood just having fun just doesn’t happen that often except on Halloween.

Halloween decorations

But sometimes trick or treating can be a lot especially for younger kids. It can be overwhelming and a little bit scary. So instead of heading out the door for trick or treating, stay home, open up your backyard and throw a family friendly Halloween party for the entire neighborhood.

Outdoor Family Halloween Party Ideas



For this type of party, invitations are not needed. The idea is simply to throw open your backyard, front yard, driveway or even your garage to your neighbors. Let your friends and family who do not live in your neighborhood know you’ll be having a party, but formal invitations are not necessary.  Just set it up and let trick or treaters hang out and have fun.


You can go either fun or scary or both with decorations. Maybe decorate the backyard with a fall theme. Then decorate the garage as a haunted house. Use lights, wreaths,pumpkins, and other fun decorations.


We wrote last month about 4 Ways a Home Security System Makes Parenting Easier.  A Lorex home security system can also be a great parenting asset on Halloween. Set up cameras outside to record the evening festivities.

The cameras are easy to move around so even if you have them set up inside the house like we do, they can be moved to the outside for the night.  If you have activities going on in front and back yards or the garage then put cameras in both areas.

You can keep track of everything on your cell phone thanks to the Lorex Cirrus app. You can view your wire-free cameras from virtually anywhere on the app on your phone. Just download the Cirrus app to your mobile phone or tablet.  Set the app up so you can receive push notifications if one of your cameras detects motion from trick or treaters at the front door.



Food and Drinks

A big batch of homemade chili is perfect for an outdoor Halloween party. Serve it up in disposable bowls. Or do a nacho bar with chips, cans of cheese kept warm in the microwave, and some easy salsa.  Serve warm drinks in your slow cooker like Caramel Apple Wassail Recipe with Essential Oils  or a batch of hot cocoa.

For dessert, serve candy (of course) and other fun treats like Frankenstein Cookies or these easy Mummy Cookies.

Party Activities

Set up some classic games like bobbing for apples in the backyard. Then for even more fun, set up a haunted house in the garage. Use boxes, garbage bags, fake spider webs set up an easy little maze through the garage. Play spooky music and have at least one element of surprise to scare people.

Lorex cameras also have infrared night vision capabilities so you can also record all the haunted house fun. The camera can see through the darkness of night. with s 6 powerful infrared LED’s around its lens so it can capture high-quality video at night up to 65 feet away. Show the kids (and adults) their recordings of being scare after they’ve gone through the haunted house for more fun.

Halloween bingo is a free printable game fun for all ages!

Print out some Halloween games for younger kids to do at a table. Have a fun game of Halloween BINGO. Set out the games on a table with some pens, pencils and crayons so kids can keep themselves occupied. You could also roll these up and attach some pumpkin crayons for trick or treaters with food allergies.

This Halloween think beyond trick or treating and instead stay home and through open your backyard, garage or driveway to your neighbors and friends. Hopefully the fun will last far beyond Halloween in your neighborhood this year.

This article may contain affiliate links.

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