Need a quick and easy appetizer recipe? This Cranberry and Brie Baked Cheese Appetizer Recipe only needs 3 ingredients and comes together in about 30 minutes!

Christmas scripture verse ornaments are made with a baking soda dough, markers and ribbon. Easy to make, use your favorite Bible verses to decorate your Christmas tree. 

Made with ground beef and ground pork, meat pie is a simple, easy and filling dinner made with ground meat, potatoes, and pie crust.

Make a quick and easy mason jar cocktail kit with a mason jar, a can of soda pop and your recipient's favorite hard liquor. This is a great gift for a white elephant, friends, teachers or anyone who needs to relax. 

Turn canned cinnamon rolls in to Christmas trees with this easy 2 ingredient cinnamon roll Christmas trees recipe.

Make Thanksgiving morning fun by serving turkey cinnamon rolls! Super quick and easy to make with canned cinnamon rolls, candy, and pre-cooked bacon.

If you are a new mom, or have a new mom in your life, then you need a Sam's Club membership to make life with your newest addition easier.