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5 Things I Love About My Cricut

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Discover 5 reasons you will love a Cricut machine – and learn how to make a monogrammed pillow, too.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

It has now been several months since I’ve been the owner of a Cricut Explore Air 2. I was very worried when I got the machine that it would still be collecting dust on a shelf months later. Well, it’s not! In fact, more often than not you will find it taking up prime space on our dining room table. 

If you’ve even thought about crafting with a Cricut, but are on the fence, check out these 5 things I love about my Cricut (and you will, t00!).

1 – The Cricut Explore Air 2 is super easy to use. 

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is easy to use even if you are not crafty or tech-savvy. Yes, your mom can use this machine! Check out the first post we ever did, A Beginner Guide to Crafting with the Cricut Explore Air 2  and you will see how easy it is to get started. You can be up and crafting in less than 10 minutes. 

2 – You can make so many cool crafts with the Cricut.

Cricut Design Space makes your life super easy. Want to make a mermaid cup? Just search “mermaid” and hundreds of ideas pop up that are ready to use. So far we’ve made personalized cups, tote bags, student planners, and a pillow (see below). 

3 – You can make personalized, meaningful gifts. 

My Cricut machine has made gift giving easy and fun. There are endless things you can make with a Cricut. My favorite project so far has been personalized bags for all the ladies at my work with our logo and names on them – in glitter gold! 

4 – Cricut has many different types of crafting types.   

Cricut isn’t just all stick on and iron-on vinyl. Cricut Infusible Ink is one of the newest additions to the Cricut craft line up and it is so cool! Rather than sticking or ironing on vinyl, the transfer ink transfers ink on to the project. You do need to purchase specially made project blanks from Cricut for the transfer ink. You can’t use it on just any material. But they have tons of great “blanks” to choose from like tote bags, tee shirts, coasters, and even pillowcases. 

We tried our first infusible ink project and made a monogrammed pillow. Whenever you first start using a new Cricut material, it feels overwhelming. But as usual, the transfer ink was super easy to make.

To make the monogrammed pillow, you will need Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets. These come in many different colors and patterns. This one is a watercolor pattern set

You will also need a Cricut Infusible Ink Pillowcase blank. These are 18 x 18 throw pillow cases. I did not read the size and was expecting a bed pillow size. Surprise! It worked out fine, though. 


Start by choosing a monogram in Design Space.  You can see the monogram we used in our saved projects. Resize the monogram so that it fits nicely on the pillow. But make sure it’s not bigger than your Cricut EasyPress. Ours was 10 x 10 but I should have made it just a bit smaller, probably closer to 9 x 9. 

Once you have the correct size, hit the “make it” button in Design Space. When you get to the mat cutting screen, make sure to mirror the image. 

Turn the dial to “custom” and select Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet. Load the transfer paper on to a standard cutting mat with the color side face up. Go ahead and cut it out. 

Weeded "G" monogram on ink transfer paper.

When the machine is done cutting, remove it from the cutting mat, and weed the design. You will need to bend the design to be able to weed it out easily. 

Now the fun part! To put the monogram on the pillowcase follow the instructions in the Cricut Heat Guide. Choose Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet for the material and Pillow Case as the project. The instructions call for butcher paper, cardstock, and a lint roller. You will need all three but the butcher paper comes with the transfer paper. So don’t let that stop you from trying this out.

You may notice that some of the ink did not transfer onto the pillowcase, just along the outer edges. That’s because the monogram design is just slightly larger than the EasyPress 2, which is 9 x 9.  So make your design less than 9 x 9 and you will be fine. Other than that, the transfer was super easy to do and worked beautifully. 

5 – Bonding with your teens while crafting.

One of the most unexpected benefits of owning a Cricut machine was how crazy my teens are over it. Being digital natives, they picked up how to use the machine quickly. They come up with tons of fun and creative ideas to make for themselves and their friends. We’ve spent tons of time together making Cricut crafts. I love any excuse to find a common ground with my teens. 

There are so many more reasons to love Cricut! Hopefully, these 5 are enough to convince you to buy your own Cricut machine today. 

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