Recipes, crafts and activities for Christmas and advent.

Make a quick and easy “Twizz the Season” Christmas Twizzlers gift bag. Just use Twizzlers candy and a free printable to create last minute Christmas treats – no baking required!

Make your favorite DIY coffee drinks using your very own homemade flavored coffee which is the best flavored coffee in town. Just use Folgers® ground coffee and your choice of spices or extracts to create unique flavored coffees that make perfect gifts.

Learn how to make easy cinnamon rolls from scratch with a yellow cake mix and yeast in under an hour. Frost with a homemade frosting for a quick breakfast treat.

Pamper your friends and family’s “mistletoes” with this fun DIY Mistletoes Pedicure in a Jar gift! Just put pedicure tools in a mason jar, add a cute tag, and give this DIY gift to everyone on your list.

A cinnamon roll Christmas tree is a very but festive recipe to make and serve on Christmas morning. Just bake refrigerated cinnamon rolls in the shape of Christmas tree, frost and decorate. 

Use a brownie mix and store bought frosting to make Christmas tree brownies. All you need is a little creative cutting to make Christmas brownies Santa (and his helpers) will love.

Turn a can of store bought cinnamon rolls into a fun Christmas breakfast with these easy Santa Hat Cinnamon rolls. Quick and easy to make on Christmas morning!

Christmas scripture verse ornaments are made with a baking soda dough, markers and ribbon. Easy to make, use your favorite Bible verses to decorate your Christmas tree. 

Make a quick and easy mason jar cocktail kit with a mason jar, a can of soda pop and your recipient’s favorite hard liquor. This is a great gift for a white elephant, friends, teachers or anyone who needs to relax. 

Turn canned cinnamon rolls in to Christmas trees with this easy 2 ingredient cinnamon roll Christmas trees recipe.