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How to Make a Personalized Student Planner for Back to School with Cricut

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Make a personalized student planner for back to school with a Cricut Air Express and free printable and monthly planner sheets.

It’s 2020 and for almost everyone in the country, the school day looks a little different this fall than normal. Online schools, hybrid schools, and homeschool have all become buzz words for education this year. No matter what educational choice you make for your family, a student planner will help keep everyone organized and on task. 

Our family homeschools so the front of our student planner binder is this adorable “Home Sweet Home School” design from Cricut’s Design Space. But you can find tons of other designs in Design Space to express your family’s educational choices, favorite subjects, or just some fun attitude.

The student planner pages can be used for any school option – homeschool, online school, or in-person school. And with Cricut, you can be sure to find a fun way to personalize the planner for each of your kids. 

Materials for Printable Student Planner Binder:

How to Make a Printable Student Planner Binder: 

Start by logging into your Cricut Design Space account. Grab the design in our saved projects – Homeschool Student Planner. Add the design to Design Space.

You will notice that this design is in 2 colors. This was our first time working with two different colors of vinyl and it was really easy.  The template is in red and pink. You can choose whatever two colors you like.

We did our student planner binder in Cricut Premium vinyl in teal and  Cricut gold glitter vinyl. You can use either permanent or removable vinyl. We used removable in case we want to change up the look of the planner during the school year.

Once you have picked out your vinyl colors, hit the “Make It” button in Cricut Design Space on the planner design. Because it is two colors, this design cuts on 2 mats. You can use the same mat and just cut the first cut, then do the second cut on the same mat. 

Put the first color of vinyl on a standard cutting mat and load it into your Cricut machine. Hit continue and Design Space will connect via Bluetooth to your machine. Once it is ready, hit the Cricut C on your machine to begin cutting. 

The machine will cut the first cut (the words “sweet” and “school”). It will pause after that cut and you can put the second vinyl on the mat and cut that. 

Once both sets of words are cut, it’s time to weed. For tips on weeding check out A Beginner Guide to Crafting with the Cricut Explore Air 2. When weeding the words “school” and “sweet”, keep the words together on the backing for spacing. 

Next, weed the two “home” words in the other color. We kept them on the same backing to start, but you will see that we ended up cutting them apart later.

Now that the weeding is complete, it is time to put the words on a 3 ring binder. We tried this originally with inexpensive “clear view” binders. These are the binders with plastic on the front so you can put a piece of paper in. It was extremely difficult to get the vinyl to stay on the “clear view” binders.  Binders with a more book or cardboard front worked much better. 

Start with the “sweet” and “school” cuts. Lay regular transfer paper on the front of the words. Then remove the backing. Place the words so that “school” is centered and on the bottom of the binder.

Use a rubbing tool to firmly rub over the words so they stick to the binder. Carefully remove the transfer paper from the front of the words.

Next, you add the word “HOME” above both “sweet” and “school”. Cut the two cut out “HOME”s apart and work with them one at a time. Make sure to use a strong grip transfer paper if you are working with glitter vinyl. 

Transfer HOME to fill in the holes on the planner. Go slowly and make sure to keep rubbing the words so they stick to the planner. Now the outside of your student planner is ready to go.

You can fill the inside of the planner with any planning pages you like. You can download our free student planner sheets below. They include a daily schedule by the hour (this is great for online public school!), a weekly planner, a to-do list (great for chores), an assignment tracker, and a test tracker. 

Use a three-hole punch to add holes to as many sheets as you need and put them in your binder. Now you have a personalized student planner to make this the best school year yet.

This article may contain affiliate links.

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