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Tips for Enjoying Legoland Brick Or Treat Party Nights

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Thinking about visiting LEGOLAND Brick or Treat Party Nights? Check out our tips to make the most of this fun Halloween party!

From discounted prices to exclusive LEGO bricks and other treats, use these tips to enjoy your best Halloween at LEGOLAND!

One of the perks of living in Nevada is Nevada Day.  Nevada Day celebrates the day that Nevada was admitted to the Unite States as a state. It happens to fall on October 31st and every year schools and businesses take the day off to celebrate.

LEGO Pumpkin

What that means for us is that we get a long weekend when most every other school in the country is in session. So it’s the perfect weekend for us to head to Southern California for a day at an amusement park.

At the ages of 7 and 9 my kids are obsessed with LEGOs.  We have a boy and a girl and they both love them.  So when they began begging to visit LEGOLAND, I decided that Nevada Day weekend was the time.

As it turns out, LEGOLAND also celebrates Nevada Day … well, not really, but they do offer a fun promotion on weekends in October for Halloween called Brick or Treat.  I was delighted by the Brick or Treat party and think it’s definitely something any family with LEGO loving kids should do.

Tips for Enjoying Legoland Brick Or Treat Party Nights

Brick Or Treat Legoland

Save Money By Buying a Full Day: Brick or Treat is a great time to visit LEGOLAND as you get a super deal on tickets. We paid $65 per person for a full day in the park and the Brick or Treat party, which happens after the park closes and is usually an additional cost.

Brick or Treat Party Nights

Enjoy Shorter Ride Lines: The year we went, LEGOLAND offered Brick or Treat on one Friday in October and it happened to be the weekend we had off.  This meant we rarely waited in line for any ride. I think the longest line we waited in was about 30 minutes and that was for one ride.

Brick Or Treat is not always offered on Fridays, but if it is, it’s a great time go while everyone else is in school! The kids were able to get on most rides without waiting long.

LEGO Friends Brick or Treat

Once the park closed and the Brick or Treat partied started around 5 or 6 PM.  We carried our costumes in to the park and changed in the bathrooms.

The park definitely got busier when the Brick or Treat party started.  The lines for rides were still short. But there were candy stations, the Brick or Treat trail, and even a station giving away LEGO sets. These lines were very long, but they moved fairly quickly.

Brick or Treat Costumes

Get Fun Exclusive LEGO Treats: Once the Brick or Treat party begins, there will be special candy and treat stations set up through out the park.

It was confusing at first to figure out what these really long lines were for.  Some were just to grab a few pieces of candy! So make sure you ask an employee what the line is for before waiting 30 minutes for a Twizzler.

In Fun Town, the Adventure’s Club is turned in to a spooky experience, but at the end is just a piece of candy. If the line is short, then it’s worth going. Across from the driving school, though, was the line for the LEGO sets. This line was long but moved fast.

Vampire brick or treat

Don’t miss the Brick or Treat Trail, which is the Enchanted Walk on Castle Hill. Here you will get official Brick or Treat Brick, plus a few other goodies.

Halloween show at LEGOLAND

Take a break and watch the fun show on the stage across from the Royal Joust. Our kids wouldn’t leave until the show was over!

The Coast Cruise in Miniland USA closes an hour before the Brick or Treat party begins so it can be converted into a haunted cruise. The lines get very long quickly so try to get here first! We didn’t make it because it was an hour wait by time we found it.

LEGOLAND Brick or Treat Party Night was one of our favorite Halloween’s ever! Our kids still talk about that day and ask to go back again. It’s a fun experience for the entire family for Halloween.


This article may contain affiliate links.

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