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5 Reasons to Love LEGOLAND San Diego

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Are you wondering if LEGOLAND San Diego is the right park for your family? If you have elementary aged kids, then you’ll want to check out the reasons we think you’d LOVE LEGOLAND!


We are lucky to live within driving distance of quite a few popular amusement parks. One such park is LEGOLAND in San Diego, California.  My kids started asking to visit LEGOLAND around the age 6 or so.  We finally got around to taking them when they were 7 and 9 years old.

For the age of our kids, I have to say that LEGOLAND is definitely our favorite amusement park. From the size of the park to the total cost of a visit LEGOLAND is the perfect amusement park for families with elementary aged kids.

5 Reasons We Love LEGOLAND San Diego

LEGO Driving

The Park is Small – We have been to land of Mickey Mouse many times and have never made it through an entire park in one day. There are still attractions my kids have never seen. But we made it around LEGOLAND twice – almost three times – in one day.  It felt so less overwhelming and more manageable than other theme parks we’ve visited.

Unlike Disney, many of the rides at LEGOLAND, though, are only for kids. This really didn’t bother me, but it may be important for other families. We were able to go on many many rides still as a family. And it was kind of a nice break to watch the kids have fun on a ride alone.

Apple Fries

The Food is Excellent – Eating in an amusement park is expensive and getting a small portion on top of that makes it even more annoying. But we ate well at LEGOLAND.

We ate at the Pizza and Pasta Buffet located between Land of Adventure and Imagination Zone.  It cost about $20 per adult and $15 per kid. The price included a drink and we were able to eat all we wanted, which was great. The food was top notch and high quality.  Their ragout was absolutely amazing!

We also ate at the barbecue restaurant in Castle Hill. The food was excellent, but for the money, I’d go with the buffet.

And don’t forget to order Granny’s Apple Fries for a snack! They are AMAZING!

LEGO Joust

The Staff is Extraordinary – One thing that Disney has on every other amusement park is their staff. They are friendly and helpful.  But LEGOLAND is right there with them.

The staff is well trained, friendly, and very helpful.  I love good customer service and LEGOLAND has it.

LEGO Friends

Mini-Figure Trading is a Blast – One of the most fun aspects of LEGOLAND is the mini-figure trading.

Have your kids bring along 2-3 mini-figures (or you can buy them at the park) to trade.  Staff will wear their mini-figures on their name badges and will trade with the kids.

This was one of my kids favorite parts of the park.

LEGO Buddy

The Price is Right – Entry fees to amusement parks go up every year and it can get really expensive to take a family.  LEGOLAND offers a ton of deals if you go at the right time of year.

One of the best deals is their Brick Or Treat package which gives you a full day in the park plus the Brick or Treat Party for a price lower than a full priced one day admission.

They also often sell buy 1 day and get more days free. I just saw a spring break special for buy 1 day full price and get 4 free!

Make sure to check the LEGOLAND website to see what deals they have.

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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