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Great Tips for Visiting Knott’s Berry Farm

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If you are looking for a Southern California theme park adventure then these Great Tips For Visiting Knott’s Berry Farm are just what you need.

Wondering about the best things to do at Knott's Berry Farm? Check out our list of tips (and a few secrets) to make visiting Knott's Berry Farm with kids easy and fun.

Knott’s Berry Farm is a great family friendly amusement park nestled between San Diego and Los Angeles.

Knott’s is a full fledged park complete with roller coasters and tons of other attractions. It is often a great choice for those on a limited budget. Ticket prices to Knott’s Berry Farm are much more reasonable than other Southern California attractions may be.

Knotts Berry Farm Snoopy

Tips for Visiting Knott’s Berry Farm

Check out the map and rides before you get to the park. Even though it isn’t as large as some parks, Knott’s Berry Farm has a lot of things to take in.

Knott’s has both fun roller coasters for big kids and a great Snoopy themed area for the little kids. When traveling with your family you may need to map out places or rides everyone really wants to experience so you can get everything into your visit.

Not everything for the little kids is in Camp Snoopy.  Knowing where the kid appropriate rides are compared to the thrilling roller coasters will help you to know how to map out your day so everyone gets to do something fun in the park.

Don’t forget the cost of parking. While the park passes may be less expensive, the parking lot fees are going to be $15 per car (verify latest rates before visiting park). This is one thing you may not think of when heading to the park, so plan accordingly in your budget.

The parking at Knott’s can also be a little confusing as most of the lots are across a busy street from the park.  So just give yourself plenty of time to park and get in the park.

Snoopy Knotts Plane

Use Parent Swap in lines. For rides where a parent has to go along on the ride with their child, you can have one parent ride while the other waits. When the ride ends, the waiting parent can then go immediately onto the ride without waiting in line again.

This is great for families with small kids who need this break and help to see and do everything.

Pack a cooler with drinks. Knott’s Berry Farm doesn’t allow food to be brought into the park, but you can bring a cooler with drinks to help quench your thirst on hot sunny California days.

Water bottles are easy to carry on a lanyard or hook on your belt loop, and they are super easy to refill throughout the park.


Woodstock Knotts

Take advantage of fun shows throughout the park. Since the park has such a fun theme, you’ll find shows happening throughout the day around the park.

These are great for you to sit down and rest and relax, but may also be a great time to check out lines at popular rides and take advantage of shorter wait times.

Knotts Berry Farm Train

Don’t forget to take down time for other non ride activities. One of the best parts of this park is the Old West or Pioneer feel about so many things.

Pan for gold with your family, enjoy the great traditional chicken dinners at Mrs. Knott’s Restaurant (one of our absolute favorite places to eat) or ride the Ghost Town Calico Railway.

These great tips for visiting Knott’s Berry Farm will help you and your family to make the most of a popular California amusement park. This location will fast become a favorite for your entire family for future vacations and summer (or winter) fun!

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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