Add a pool noodle craft caterpillar to summer planters and gardens with this fun pool noodle craft.

This cute pool noodle crafts for kids is a fun caterpillar! All you need are a few basic craft supplies from the dollar store and this cute guy can grace your yard, garden or favorite flower pot. I love pool noodle crafts.  I pick up a bunch at[…]

Need pool party decoration ideas? A pool noodle party garland needs to be on your to do list! Making your own pool noodle garland is simple, and a craft that even the kids can help out with. Take a look below at how we crafted our own using[…]

Looking for a way to get kids interested in nature? Make a humming bird feeder from a milk carton with this easy craft tutorial!

Get your kids excited about nature with this easy to make humming bird feeder! All you need is an empty milk carton, sugar, water and some twine to create a fun bird feeder.  Join our sponsor, Tree Top, in encouraging kids to learn about gardening and food. Growing[…]

Rosh Hashanah Cards

Make apple and thumb print Rosh Hashanah cards to give away for the new year! Kids love making and personalizing these fun cards. While I was perusing the internet and Pinterest for Rosh Hashanah ideas, I came across a lot of cute crafts using apples and bees (for[…]

Backpack ID Tag

Make an easy backpack photo ID tag with your child’s photo to personalize their new back to school must have accessory! Back to school shopping has begun in earnest around here. We got our supply list from school and headed out to Target to stock up. The one[…]

car games

Car games help kids occupied on long (or short) road trips! This free printable bingo game will be a hit with little boys as they keep an eye peeled to find the cars, trains, trucks and airplanes on their bingo cards. I’m so excited to be participating in[…]

Kids' Craft Drawing

Let your kids be the artist with this fun kids craft for 4th of July – a flag shirt made using fabric crayons, your kids’ creativity, and a little help from you to put it all together. It’s Jenn from A Jennuine Life and I’ll show you how[…]

Print out this adorable Mother’s Day coloring page for the kids to make for mom, grandma, aunt and any other special lady this Mother’s Day. I always have this debate about what to post for Mother’s Day.  It seems silly to just ignore it, but I also don’t[…]

How to make sidewalk chalk

Make sidewalk chalk with the kids this summer with just a few supplies found at the craft store. One of the many ways that I save money is by making things I would otherwise buy at the store.  It’s amazing the items we purchase that can actually be[…]

Kool Aid Play Dough

Kool Aid play dough is a quick and easy way to make homemade play dough! Pick your favorite Kool Aid flavors, add a few pantry staples and you’ll have fresh, fruity play dough.   There are a lot of homemade play dough recipes on the internet and I’m[…]