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How to Make A Fairy Garden

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Have you ever seen anything as darling as a fairy garden? In case you are not familiar with them, fairy gardens are small gardens in a planter or dish, complete with flowers and whimsical accessories to make it appear like a little fairy just swept in and got to work! Fairy gardens are fun to assemble, and create a miniature world that sparks our imagination and serves as a lovely accent piece. If you have ever wanted to build your own fairy garden but were not sure how, you have come to the perfect place. Below, you will find an easy DIY project for creating your very own fairy garden with little time and little expense. Take a look at how easy it is to get crafting!

I am not much of a gardener.  I almost entirely lack a green thumb.  Then we moved to the desert which just made things more complicated!  Miracle-Gro’s The Gro Project is here to help out! The Gro Project showcases garden projects that are not complicated or hard to do. Miracle-Gro wants to simplify gardening for a whole new class of gardeners and show that  fun garden projects can be easy, fun and enjoyable!

A few months ago my kids had planted some small plants at a farmers market.  The little guys are doing really well, but I could tell they needed to be replanted.  So I decide to take some inspiration from The Gro Project and make a Fairy Garden! 

First, let’s take a look at the supplies you will need. You can find most of these items around your home, at your local dollar store, thrift store, and gardening center.

Supplies Needed:

  • Large and semi shallow planter: The one featured in this project was a $1.00 thrift store purchase. Choose something fairly wide and roomy so you have room to decorate.
  • Moisture Control Potting Mix and Shake’n Feed All Purpose Plant Food
  • Assorted plants or flowers: Choose hardy varieties like marigolds or dusty miller. You want something low maintenance. In my case, we had these on hand.
  • Pebbles and rocks:  Use some from around your home or grab a bag for $1.00 at your local dollar store.
  • Spray bottle: Find these at the dollar store as well.
  • Decorative accents: Add small animal figurines, dollhouse furniture pieces, aquarium accents, or any other whimsical delights. Look at thrift stores or dig through what you already have for this. For the project shown, we used a gingerbread house the kids made at Christmas time and other decorative items we had on hand.

Once you have your supplies, you are ready to begin!

1. Fill your planter with Moisture Control Potting Mix and spread around evenly.

2. Plant your flowers as you normally plant on the outer sides of the planter, leaving the middle open for your accessories.

3. Take your pebbles and lay them one at a time to create a stone path for your fairies!

4. Nestle in your accents such as your figurines. Arrange them to look like someone is living and playing in this little garden.

5. Mist your garden with water to feed your plants and set the soil into place. You can continue o water with a misting bottle as you see that your plants need it. Avoid pouring water directly into it. Misting is more gentle. Don’t forget it will still need regular sun as well! A few hours on the porch or a sunny window will suffice.

You can continue to add to your fairy garden all summer if you wish! Add decorative accents such as tiny furniture pieces, cool rocks, fun letters, etc. Be creative and have this be an ongoing project for you. The kids will surely enjoy helping you out as well and tending to the happenings in the fairy garden.

Need some more inspiration? “Follow” the Miracle-Gro Pinterest page and check it out as a forum for gardeners to come together and share gardening stories. Also, check out this video!

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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