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Don't miss a stop at M&M'S World Las Vegas! This fun destination is the perfect place to spend an afternoon in Vegas shopping and enjoying the world of M&M'S!

M&M'S World Las Vegas is a family-friendly attraction right on the Strip! See a movie, make personalized M&M'S and more! Check out our favorite things to do at M&M'S World Store - besides shop!

You only have to spend a few minutes walking down the Las Vegas Strip to notice many people carrying bright yellow bags with M&M'S.

The first time I saw them, about 10 years ago, I knew I had to find out where they came from. The M&M'S World Store has since become one of our favorite things to do in Las Vegas.

Red M&Ms

Our first trip to M&M'S World Store was in 2005. In fact, I was able to find photos we took at M&M'S World Store from 2006 on my computer!

Yellow M&M

Located on the south end of the strip, M&M'S World Store is an absolute must see in Vegas! But don't worry if you can't make it to Vegas. You can also visit M&M’S World Stores in New York, London, Shanghai, and Orlando.

M&Ms World Las Vegas

M&M'S World Store Las Vegas has four floors to explore.  There is an elevator and escalators to take you through each floor. While there is plenty of shopping to do at M&M'S World Store, there's also a lot of fun activities and other things to do!

The Top 5 Things to Do at M&M'S World Store Las Vegas

M&Ms by the Pound

The M&M'S Candy Wall: Located on the 2nd floor, the M&M'S Candy Wall has M&M'S in pretty much every color! You can mix and match the colors, too.

Chili Nut M&Ms

In addition to the many colored candy, the Candy Wall also has M&M'S in different flavors of M&M'S you won't find in anywhere else like pretzel, almond, crispy, peanut butter – and Chili Nut! Ask for a sample before you buy!

M&M Personalizer

Personalized M&M'S Printer: The third floor of M&M'S World Store Las Vegas is packed with fun things to do and see. The Personalized M&M'S Printer is new to the store and it's pretty cool! You can make your own personalized M&M'S with your name, date, and popular Las Vegas icons.

Personalized M&Ms

These are so fun for special occasions or just a fun way to remember your Vegas trip.

M&M Movie

M&M'S 3D Movie:  The 3D movie is one of my family's favorite parts of M&M'S World Store! It's a fun film with the M&M'S characters getting in to some trouble in Vegas. The line begins by the M&M'S Printer, around the corner from the escalator. Just follow the signs!

Las Vegas M&Ms

M&M'S Photo Opp: Get your photo taken with the M&M'S characters! This photo opp has changed a few times over the years. This is one of my favorites! Stand in front and take a photo.


M&M'S NASCAR Car: Calling all race fans! On the 4th floor is a full sized M&M'S NASCAR race car. The driver of the 18 car, Kyle Busch, also happens to be a Las Vegas native so that makes this car even more “Vegas.”

M&Ms Gift

And of course, there are tons of unique M&M'S items to purchase. You can find all things M&M'S here from clothes to kitchen items to Christmas ornaments!

My sister just got married and both her and her husband's names start with M's. I picked up a few items to make an M&M wedding gift for them!

M&M'S World is a fun family-friendly stop on the Las Vegas strip that you can't miss!

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