Peach season is upon us and so is BBQ season. So it’s no wonder that when you have your friends over for some food and fun, you want to serve them some refreshing peach inspired drinks. Here is a list of 20 refreshing summer drinks including peach cocktails and[…]

gluten free

Green smoothies are the perfect gluten free breakfast.  Packed with fresh pineapple, frozen mango and raw spinach, this green smoothie is a delicious, gluten free way to start your day.  The recipe can be found on the Foodie by Glam app right on your phone or other device[…]

A green tea strawberry smoothie is not only great for a quick breakfast – it also works great as a popsicle recipe! Like my chocolate banana smoothies, these also made great popsicles for our backyard movie night!  The trick to a great smoothie is a combination of fresh[…]