Slow cook spare ribs in a wet rub of liquid smoke and brown sugar and Coke. Finish on the grill with your favorite barbecue sauce for an easy grill recipe.

Slow cooker spare ribs are the perfect way to cook up pork ribs.  Cook the ribs in the slow cooker,  then simply grill or broil with barbecue sauce for 15 minutes and the ribs are ready to serve! I grew up eating my dad’s absolutely amazing ribs. It was[…]

Korean Barbecue

Do something different with your pork! Marinate ribs in a flavor filled Korean barbecue inspired marinade and then toss them on the grill.  Serve with a side of rice and some lettuce to make Korean barbecue lettuce wraps, too! We love pork ribs!  Slow cooker ribs is one[…]