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Easy Spa in a Jar Gift Idea

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Make a spa in a jar gift with a spa gift card, a few small spa treats, a jar and some Christmas bling. It’s the perfect gift for teachers, neighbors, moms and friends.

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Click to see what to put in a spa in a jar gift! Great ideas for Christmas gifts for girls, teachers, and even for mom. This jar is simple to make using a gift card and either store bought or DIY gifts.

Staying organized during the holidays is the key to not going crazy! However, it seems like no matter how hard I try to stay organized, I’m still rushing around at the last minute picking up a few gifts.  Gift cards are always a quick and easy last minute gift, but they seem so impersonal.  Thankfully, it’s easy to make them special!

This year Walmart has gift cards that come with a little added bonus.  A Spa Week gift card with an added $5 bonus. Regal gift cards that come with a coupon for a free drink with a popcorn purchase. And the classic peg board game comes with a Cracker Barrel gift card.

We decided to use the Spa Week gift cards to make Spa in a Jar gifts for teachers who could definitely use a little pampering! But these would be great for moms, grandmas, baby-sitters or anyone who needs a little TLC.

Easy Spa in a Jar Gift Idea

Head to Walmart and pick up one Spa Week gift card for each jar. Make sure to find the gift cards with the $5 bonus!

Start with a large jar that’s big enough to fit the gift card. A canning jar or mason jar will work fine, but Walmart had some festive jars in the seasonal aisles so we used those.

In addition to the jars, you will need some filling and decorative tags.   The filling will help make the jar look full. We used paper shred but tissue paper, confetti or whatever else you find will work.

We also picked up glitter ornaments to use on the outside of the jar for a little extra bling. These are totally optional but so fun.

Start by adding filling to the bottom of the jar.  I wanted the top and bottom of the jars to look the same. So we used filling on both.

Add a shower pouf or fluff.  These can be found near the shower gel in the beauty aisles. You can try to match the pouf to the lids of the jars or just pick out a favorite color.

The spa gift card is the main focus of the spa in a jar, but you’ll want to fill it with a few other fun items.  Because our jars are for teachers, I picked up a few small items they can leave at school like lotion, lip balm and of course, chocolate. A facial mask, small soaps, shower gels, nail polish or other items are also fun to include.

Fold the gift card holder in thirds so just the cards shows. Tuck it in to the side of the jar so it’s visible from the outside.

Keep working around the jar tucking in the other items on the outside of the jar.

Use a piece of twine, yarn or ribbon to attach a gift tag or decoration. These red snowflakes add a little sparkle to the jars.

Now, if you don’t have time to put together a jar – no worries! Walmart has several other options for wrapping up gift cards.  The burlap bags are adorable! Just fill with some of the paper and tuck in a gift card. Easy peasy!

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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  • Cassie
    October 30, 2017

    What a fun and easy idea! And who doesn’t love some spa treatments!?

    • Camille
      October 31, 2017

      Yes! It’s a great all around gift for anyone.

  • Lydia @ Thrifty Frugal Mom
    October 30, 2017

    I love this! What an easy, but sure to be loved gift ideas. And I really like your idea of using a jar to package it because it means the whole thing is reusable!

    • Camille
      October 31, 2017

      I was thinking I can send in some candy later in the year to fill it up for them.

  • Kristin Tate
    October 30, 2017

    This is a great idea, even to have on hand for those last minute names added to your list.

    • Camille
      October 31, 2017

      That’s a great idea! Just have them ready to go just in case.