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Easy DIY Framed Burlap Christmas Tree

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Need an easy Christmas decoration or gift? This easy DIY Framed Burlap Christmas Tree takes only as long as the paint needs to dry!


I have a dollar store frame on one of the walls in my dining room that I switch out printables in to go with the season.  Earlier this week as I was finally getting around to putting a Christmas printable in it, I dropped it on the floor thanks to finding a spider on the back of it! The glass shattered and I was going to throw it out.  Then I remembered the yards and yards of burlap sitting in my fabric stash and I decided to frame a burlap print.  I also have some FrogTape® Textured Surface paint tape on hand and I wondered how it would work on burlap to make a nice straight line.

I laid the cardboard back of the photo frame and cut a piece of brown burlap to fit around it plus a little extra to tuck in the back to keep it secure.

I used the FrogTape Textured Surface to create a triangle template on the burlap. I just eyeballed it , as usual.  Remember you’ll be painting inside the lines so the tape can overlap.

Frog tape sealer

This is the trick of the awesome FrogTape® Textured Surface system – the sealer.  It helps create a nice, clean, straight line when you paint. I can’t wait to try it on my textured walls in my house.  But for now, it’ll help the paint from bleeding so we have a great looking Christmas tree.

Use the brush on the sealer bottle and paint it so it’s half way over the paint and half way over the tape. Be careful and apply it thinly.   Let it dry for 15 minutes. Make sure to have something underneath the burlap that you don’t care about. I used an old plastic placemat.

I used a spong dabber brush and basic acrylic craft paint.  I didn’t use much paint at all and if you have a lighter colored burlap, it probably won’t take hardly any paint.  Just apply a light to medium layer of paint.  I carefully removed the tape immediately after I was done painting. I did not wait for it to dry at all and I got nice, clean, crisp lines!

I added some glitter glue to the top of the tree for a star and used red and white acrylic craft paint to add some dots for ornaments.  I also sprayed the entire piece of burlap with a glitter fabric spray to add some bling, but you can’t see it in the photos.  I wrapped the burlap around the cardboard back from the frame and inserted in to the frame for a quick, easy Christmas decoration.


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This article may contain affiliate links.

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