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How to Play Football Bingo {Free Printable Bingo Cards}

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Teach your kids the rules of the game of football by playing football bingo while watching a live game and using our free printable bingo cards!

This post is sponsored by Red Baron Pizza and The Women’s Blogger Network. 

Teach your kids the rules of football by playing football bingo while watching a live game and using our free printable bingo cards for kids. CLICK HERE to get your FREE printable bingo cards!

I grew up in a house of all women. I have two sisters and no brothers. But that didn’t mean we didn’t watch football. My dad spent most Saturdays in the fall watching college football on TV. We spent many Friday evenings at our local high school football games.  We were a family that loved football.

But despite all that time watching football, no one every taught me the rules of the game. I knew the basics like a touchdown and interception. But an option play or even a touch back meant nothing to me.

Then, my senior year in college I played on my sorority’s flag football team. We were coached by a couple of football players from the college team and they finally explained the game to me. I’m still no expert, but I understand much more.

Last week, my 8 year old son started asking ME questions about the football game we were watching. He wanted to know if the quarterback could get tackled. I answered as best I knew and went to find his dad before I steered him wrong. And then I came up with the idea of a football bingo game to teach the kids about the game.

College football game day is still a big deal in our house, but I can never seem to plan ahead. On my last weekly trip to Sam’s Club, I noticed Red Baron Minis Deep Dish Pizzas in the end cap in the freezer section.

They are perfect to have on hand when I forget we need some serious snacks for game day.

How to Play Football Bingo

Download and the print out our free printable football bingo cards. Just sign up for our newsletter and they are yours! Cut the bingo cards out and grab something to use as markers. Pennies would work great!

Heat up a few trays of Red Baron Mini Pizzas either before the game starts or during half-time. Sam’s Club has a 32 pack so there are plenty to go around!

You can also decorate with a few homemade football decorations like our No Sew Felt Football Field Table Runner and these super cute burlap football coasters. 

Give each person a football bingo card and a few pennies as markers before the game starts. Explain the “rules” of the game and that the first person to get a TEAM (BINGO) wins.

Once the game starts, start marking the bingo cards as different plays or events happen in the game like a punt, first down, pick 6, etc. This is where the kids can start asking you about the game and the rules and learn the terminology.

Have a little prize picked out for the bingo winners – maybe an extra Red Baron Mini Pizza!

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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  • angie church
    October 7, 2017

    sounds like a great time is to be had. Football and bingo have always been a favorite pair and now we can combine in another favorite of bingo. Thanks for sharing this greeat idea

  • Kelly Reci
    October 5, 2017

    That is a great Idea. Love it.