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Make a quick and easy mason jar cocktail kit with a mason jar, a can of soda pop and your recipient’s favorite hard liquor. This is a great gift for a white elephant, friends, teachers or anyone who needs to relax. 

Turn canned cinnamon rolls in to Christmas trees with this easy 2 ingredient cinnamon roll Christmas trees recipe.

Make Thanksgiving morning fun by serving turkey cinnamon rolls! Super quick and easy to make with canned cinnamon rolls, candy, and pre-cooked bacon.

If you are a new mom, or have a new mom in your life, then you need a Sam’s Club membership to make life with your newest addition easier. 

Make homemade turkey gravy using stock in just a few minutes in your Instant Pot. No turkey drippings are needed to make this easy and delicious homemade gravy.

This year on Halloween skip the trick or treating. Instead, check out these family Halloween party ideas and host a fun family friendly Halloween party for your friends, family and neighbors.

I’m the first to admit that I love new technology. I love the whole idea of a “Smart Home.” If I can turn on lights, cook, listen to music and adjust the thermometer just with the touch of a button or vocal command, then I’m in.  If you’re[…]

Chocolate chip pretzel cookies are stuffed with Rolo candies and topped with sea salt for a truly decadent cookie.

Instant Pot turkey breast recipe will revolutionize how you cook turkey. In only 35 minutes and this moist turkey breast is ready to eat.

Make your own all natural homemade mermaid bath bombs without citric acid for your favorite mermaid! These all natural bath bombs also make colorful and fun homemade gifts.