Keep the kitchen clean during the busy school year with our free kitchen cleaning checklist and products from our sponsor, Lemi Shine! After the lazy dog days of summer, I have the hardest time getting back in to the swing of the school year. I feel like we[…]

Our first year of marriage a friend of ours who had been married much longer gave my new husband some sage advice – never give your wife a gift that has a cord.  I beg to differ. I can actually think of several gifts I’d love that have[…]

Get ready for spring cleaning with these natural products for cleaning you can make yourself! The weather is warming up and it’s so nice have the windows open.  It’s time to rid the house of the dirt and grime from a winter hibernation.  There’s no reason to run[…]

This spring cleaning checklist will help you get the house ship shape with room by room and task by task instructions! Just check and move on! Spring has pretty much arrived here on the West coast, which means I’m itching to clean.  The truth is that I rarely[…]


You only need two common household ingredients to make this amazing DIY shower cleaner that will get your tub and shower sparkling clean with little effort.