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7 Tips for Flying with Babies

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Flying with babies isn’t always easy, but these tips can help make everyone’s flight smoother. This is a sponsored post by Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, but all the tips are garnered from real life experience flying with babies!

Flying with babies doesn't have to be a nightmare! Check out these tips for air travel with babies, toddlers and kids. Make your next plane ride easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

This summer was the first time I’d flown with my kids, now 7 and 10, in four years. As we sat at the gate waiting to board our plane home, I was taken aback by how easy it was. There they were sitting quietly keeping themselves entertained with books, games and other toys and games. It was a beautiful thing.

flying with kids

But it wasn’t always like that. We started flying with our kids when our daughter was just 6 months old. With both of our families living on the opposite side of the country, flying with a baby was a necessity. And while it wasn’t always fun – like the time I flew alone with my infant daughter who had an ear infection and I didn’t know it – I did manage to make it as smooth as possible.

7 Tips for Flying with Babies

Remember it’s temporary: The mental game of flying with an infant is key. Keep in mind that it’s temporary and you’ll probably never see anyone on that flight ever again. So even if baby screams the entire way, hang in there! This too shall pass.

Gate check car seats: Always bring the car seat to the gate to check it. We often ended up with an empty (free) seat next to us. If we had checked the car seat at the check in counter, we wouldn’t have had it to use in that empty seat, which was a life saver.

Pack a carry on for 2 days: I learned this lesson the hard way when I misconnected and got stuck overnight with only a carry on and 1 diaper, a few wipes and no diaper cream. It was a nightmare.  After that flight I made sure that I had enough clothes, diapers, wipes and our favorite Boudreaux’s Butt Paste to last us at least two days.

Travel with Kids

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste All Natural is perfect for travel and vacation because it clears up diaper rash quickly without any harsh chemicals. Butt Paste doesn’t contain any parabens, preservatives, or phthalates. Diaper changing is harder to do when traveling so we always had more rashes. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste was always on our packing list for travel!

Buy an extra seat: Ok, I realize that this isn’t always possible, but if it is, do it! Try to make this part of your travel budget because having a seat is worth the cost. Another option would be to simply bump up to the “comfort” seats for a little more room. This is usually not too expensive.

Get a bulkhead seat:  The downside to the bulkhead seat is you don’t have a seat in front of you to put a diaper bag. But once the plane is at cruising altitude, you can let a wiggly baby down to sit or stand and wiggle a bit.

Pick travel times carefully: My kids never slept anywhere but their beds. They never even slept in the car! So while traveling at night or during nap time works for some parents, it was better for us to travel early in the morning when the kids were fresh and happy. Pick the time that works best for your baby.

Feed during take off and landing: For babies who are still breast or bottle feeding, eating during take off and landing helps to relieve ear pressure. For older babies who are eating regular food, it helps to keep them busy during a time when they must be seated. Make sure to hold off all food, though, just before take off or landing. That may mean a screaming infant while sitting waiting to take off. It’ll be worth it!

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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