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One Pot Chicken and Rice Recipe

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This easy chicken and rice recipe is the perfect opportunity to let the kids help make dinner.  Chicken, rice, and veggies are all cooked in one pot making for an easy weeknight meal.

Chicken and Rice Recipe

Now that my kids are getting older, I’m trying harder to get them more involved in the kitchen.  Of course, that means they now get to help with the dishes, but I also want them to help more with the cooking.  It can be so hard to get everyone around the dinner table at the same time, much less get help with the actual cooking.  So making a one pot meal like this chicken and rice recipe helps a lot.

chicken and rice recipe


When I have the kids help me cook I make sure to pick out a recipe that they’ll actually eat.  In our house, you can’t go wrong with chicken, rice and vegetables.  So I chose a recipe from Mars Uncle Ben’s website called Sydney’s Rice and Chicken.  This recipe was the Grand Prize-winning recipe from the Ben’s Beginners® Cooking Contest, so I knew it was family friendly and easy for kids to help make.  The recipe is also very easy to adapt to your family’s preferences for vegetables.

chicken and rice recipe

We started by seasoning some chicken, dicing some onions and letting it cook in chicken broth for about 20 minutes.  While it cooked, we chopped up our veggies.  I used yellow, orange and purple bell peppers and frozen cut broccoli.  We removed the chicken and then the kids stirred the rice with the broth and veggies. I put the chicken back on top of the rice mixture and we covered it to bake.

chicken and rice

I started with a 25 minute baking period and then checked to see if the rice and chicken were done. It took an additional 20 minutes for everything to cook up so give yourself some extra time.  The rice didn’t absorb all the liquid, either, but the rice was cooked through.  This is a great recipe especially if you have picky eaters.  It had lots of flavor, but not too much to overwhelm a picky palate.    But most importantly – the kids and I made this dinner together and have a lot of fun doing it.  While the chicken cooked we sat the table, read a few books, and spent some quality time together. Then we enjoyed the delicious meal we’d made.

This Post Brought To You By The UNCLE BEN’S® Brand.

This article may contain affiliate links.

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