Kids Craft for 4th of July: A Colored Flag Shirt

Let your kids be the artist with this fun kids craft for 4th of July – a flag shirt made using fabric crayons, your kids’ creativity, and a little help from you to put it all together.

Kids' Craft Drawing

It’s Jenn from A Jennuine Life and I’ll show you how quick and easy this kids’ crafted project is.

Start by getting your kiddos to color with fabric crayons on a plain sheet of white paper.  Give them the appropriate color and encourage them to scribble or fill a large area.

Kids' Craft DrawingOnce they’re done, cut the colored paper into the pieces of a flag.  For this I cut strips out of the red just over 1/4″ wide and then cut them down to 8.5″ long for the three full-length strips and 4″ long for the four strips next to the blue field.  The blue is 4.5″ wide by 3.5″ wide.  This is not exactly the correct proportions of the US flag, but it’s fairly close.

Kids' Craft Drawing

Lay out your t-shirt and arrange the strips colored side down on top.  Using a pressing cloth to protect your iron, transfer the coloring by pressing with the highest heat setting for the fabric of the t-shirt and no steam.

Kids' Craft Drawing

And voila!!  You have a flag shirt made with love from your little ones!



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