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Rosh Hashanah Cards for Kids to Make

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Make apple and thumb print Rosh Hashanah cards to give away for the new year! Kids love making and personalizing these fun cards.

Rosh Hashanah Cards

While I was perusing the internet and Pinterest for Rosh Hashanah ideas, I came across a lot of cute crafts using apples and bees (for honey).   I decided that we would make Rosh Hashanah cards to send to our family living far away.  The kids were just elated that I let them use paint.

Rosh Hashanah Cards


The blue card is Miles and is pretty much what I envisioned. I let Ella have some artistic freedom on her pink cards.  To get the right size to fit in our envelopes, I tore a piece of construction paper half and then used each half to make the cards.

For the apples, we sliced an apple in half and dipped it in red Crayola washable paint.  Then we painted on the brown stem.  While that dried we used our thumbs and some yellow paint to make little bumblebees.  When the bees were mostly dry, we used brown paint, because we didn’t have black, to paint on the stripes and the antenna.   I wrote “L’shanah Tovah”, which is Hebrew for Happy New Year on the front and “Wishing you a sweet new year” on the inside.  Quick, easy and just too adorable!


This article may contain affiliate links.

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