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Labor Day: Easy Embellished Mason Jar

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There’s one more holiday left this year in which to highlight all things Red, White, and Blue – Labor Day!  With blue mason jars now readily available with Ball’s Heritage Collection it’s easy to transform them into wonders of Americana.

Embellished Heritage Mason JarIt’s me Jenn from A Jennuine Life and I have always loved vintage blue mason jars.  So much so that I tapped all my family and made repeated trips to the local antique mall to collect enough to use them as centerpieces in my wedding.  That was six years ago; does that make me a trendsetter?  I can’t bring myself to paint the old ones, but these old looking jars are fair game!

Materials for Embellished Mason JarOur local superstore was kind enough to set up a whole merchandising display with these Transform Mason products right along with the heritage collection jars.  There were all sorts of different paints and paint pens.  Since the jar is already blue, all I needed was red and white.  You can use regular latex or craft paints, but they aren’t meant for glass and may not be durable – these paints say they are dishwasher safe after curing for 24 hours.

Embellished Heritage Mason JarI started by taping off a pattern for a stripe around the bottom half of the jar.  I used washi tape because that’s what I had handy and it worked really well.  Don’t worry about perfection here – the stripes aren’t going to be perfectly spaced and will curve inward at the bottom.  (I’m okay with this since I’m a “prettygood-ist” for this type of project.)  I painted the red inside the taped portions with a small brush and then got to work with the paint pen, making hand-drawn stars around the top part and then cross-hatches for the white stripes.  I did the cross-hatching in two sessions so I didn’t drag through the wet lines.  This took like 15 minutes all together – tops!

Embellished Heritage Mason Jar

I love how simple this was to make but the big impact it makes – now I have the rest of the case for more fun.  Come and check to see more great projects at A Jennuine Life, or I’ll be back here twice a month with more crafty goodies.

This article may contain affiliate links.

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