Handmade kids valentines cards include a handmade necklace.
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Make these easy DIY kids Valentines Day cards for kids to hand out at school! Made with simple craft supplies from our partner, Oriental Trading, these Valentine bubblegum machine necklaces are sure to be a hit!

Easy DIY kids Valentines cards to make for school include a cute handmade bubblegum necklace on a printable card. No candy needed!


I remember exchanging Valentine's Day cards at school as being one of the highlights of the school year. I would spend what seemed like hours pouring over the boxes of cards at our local drugstore to find the perfect cards.  Then choosing one of the four cards for each classmate and writing their names on the envelope was a fun evening activity.

My kids also love to hand out Valentines Day cards at school, but they also like to do a little DIY to put their own touch on their cards.  We've made Monster Truck Valentines and Paper Airplane Valentines, which are both adorable. This year, though, we're making necklaces to give out to the girls.

Bubblegum Necklace Kids Valentines Day Cards


Enamel Heart Gumball Machine Charms

Silver Sparkle Stretchy Cord

Single Hole Punch

Clear Tape

Necklace Card Valentine Printable

I picked up the charms and stretchy cord from Oriental Trading.  They have a ton of Valentine's Day supplies and I really just discovered their amazing craft section.  They have other charms and cord options to make fun necklaces.

Begin by printing out the necklace card printable. There are four cards per sheet. Cut the cards apart. Use the single hole punch to punch two holes towards the top of each card.

Next, measure out a length of the stretchy cord. You may want to make them longer than necessary just to give the recipient lots of options for length.  Slide a charm on to the cord.

Slide each end of the cord through one of the holes in the card.  Pull the cord up until the bubblegum charm is where you like it on the card. I did not add a knot to close the necklaces. I wanted to leave them open so the wearer could choose a length.  But you can knot the ends at this point.

Flip the card over and gather the sparkly card on to the back of the card.  Use tape to secure the cord.  Flip the card back over and fill out the to/from areas.

The cards are now ready to give! We also bought clear cellophane bags to slip the cards in to for a little extra protection.

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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  1. These charms are so cute! Love the valentine you made with them. Thanks for sharing with Funtastic Friday!

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