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Orange Creamsicle Homemade Scented Candles

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Learning how to make scented candles is a fun and easy craft project that makes wonderful gifts. This orange scented candle is decorated with orange sprinkles for a fun project that’s great for kids.

Homemade Orange Candle

The candle making continues! After making a homemade citronella candle a few months ago, I realized how fun and easy making candles is.  The citronella candle is very basic so after that project went so well, I moved on to coloring my candles and made Red, White, and Blue candles.  The next step, of course, is to add “stuff” to the candles – like sprinkles! How fun are these?!

There are a number of ways to make scented candles.  This candle was made a little differently than my other two homemade candle tutorials where I used essential oils to scent the candles.  This scented candle uses an orange scented wax.  You can either use the scented wax, or just add in a few drops of orange essential oil.  I personally am obsessed with tangerine essential oil so I would add a touch of that, too.

Supplies Needed:

½ Pint Mason Jars
Corn Syrup
Paint brush
3 cups of Candle Wax – I prefer soy but any candle wax is fine
Orange Sprinkles
Candle Wick
Microwave Safe Bowl
Molten Orange Melting Wax  or Orange Essential Oil and orange candle dye or an orange crayon (See my Red, White, and Blue Candle tutorial on how to use crayons to color the wax)


1. Turn the mason jar on its side and pour in about 2 tablespoons of  corn syrup. Use a paint brush spread the syrup around to cover all edges.

Homemade Orange Sprinkles Candle

2. Quickly pour in your sprinkles and replace the top to the mason jar and shake until the side rims are completely coated.

3. Place a small amount of corn syrup on the bottom of the candle wick. Firmly press on to the bottom of the glass jar in the middle.

Orange Wax

4.  Melt the wax. You can do this one of two ways.  The first option is to use the microwave. Pour your candle flakes into a microwave safe bowl and top off with your Orange Molten wax cubes.  Place in the microwave for 3 minutes and once complete remove using pot holders.

Keep the kids entertained this summer by making your own candles! Wax colored with melted crayons make for a colorful DIY candle kids love to make.

Since I don’t have a microwave, I use a double boiler type of set up that you can see in my Red, White, and Blue Candle post.  Either way works and the microwave is probably faster.  If you use the microwave, though, your wax will begin to cool immediately so work quickly getting it in to your jar.

Orange Creamsicle Candle

5. Quickly pour your candle wax into your mason jar, focusing on pouring directly in the middle.

6. Allow to set for about an hour before using.  I found that the soy wax takes a bit longer to set up so I put the candles in the fridge to help speed along the process.

Homemade Citronella Candles

Make sure to check out my homemade citronella candles and my Red, White, and Blue candles for more fun candle making!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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  • Tamra
    May 7, 2016

    Camille – can I find the candlewax, sprinkles, etc., at Michaels or a similar store? I’ve always wanted to experiment with candle making and you’ve provided a great tutorial, so now I’m ready to give it a try!

    • Camille
      May 7, 2016

      Yes, I think any craft store will have the wax. I know I’ve seen it at Hobby Lobby. I prefer soy myself. It just seems to melt easier. The sprinkles are just regular old cake sprinkles. I’m pretty sure that Michaels should have scent for the candle, too. At least, I’ve seen at my store.

  • Tanya
    July 28, 2015

    This looks like it would smell delicious! Thanks for linking up to Small Victories Sunday Link up!