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4 Easy Breakfast Recipes for Summer

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Easy breakfast recipes can make your summer mornings smoother! I made four of my favorite easy breakfast recipes even easier for summer.

Every year as June begins, I start dreaming of lazy summer breakfast spent at home while the kids play nicely together and I sip Folgers© Coffee witih my husband.  I’ll make waffles and omelettes every morning.

Yeah, right! Summer is crazy busy around here.  Every morning my 4 year old son wakes up and asks – where are we going today?  So much for lazy mornings. These kids are on the move and don’t have time to wait for me to whip up breakfast from scratch every morning.  So I’ve taken 4 of my favorite breakfast recipes and am showing you how to cheat a little to make mornings easier without going through the drive through.

1. Mini-Blueberry Pancake Cups:  I love these little guys and so do the kids. They are small enough to take on the go and freeze great.  Use Hungry Jack© waffle/pancake mix and blueberries instead of making the batter from scratch. Quick and easy!


2. Orange Cranberry Muffins: Yup, you can make these from scratch or you can save some time and use a Martha White© Muffin Mix instead.  Just doctor it up with some dried cranberries and use some orange juice for the liquid called for with the mix.


3. Baked Pancakes:  I hate standing at the stove flipping pancakes while everyone else eats! Instead, whip up a batch of Hungry Jack© Pancake Mix and bake it! Serve with Hungry Jack© syrup and call it an easy breakfast.

4. Scones: Scones are one of my favorite breakfasts! They really are very easy to make and they freeze and re-heat like champs.  Basic scones are great served with the kids favorite Smuckers© brand Jams, Jellies and Preserves!

So there you have it – four of my favorite breakfasts made a little easier for summer! And you can save some money by avoiding the drive through! You can find Folgers© Coffee; Hungry Jack© Mix (waffles/pancakes) and syrup; Smuckers© brand Jams, Jellies and Preserves; and Martha White© Muffin Mixes all at affordable prices at Walmart.

Need some more great ideas? Check out this video:

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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