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Valentine’s Day Chocolate Dipped Spoons

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A fun Valentine’s Day gift, these chocolate spoons are easy to make and fun to give.  All you need are plastic spoons, chocolate chips, and any other fun stir ins!


Chocolate Dipped Spoons

I originally posted this fun Valentine’s Day idea on my friend Kimberly’s blog, A Night Owl Blog, last year.  But I wanted to make sure you saw it, too!  I love making these spoons as Valentine’s Day gifts and everyone just loves them!  Chocolate dipped spoons are a simple food craft that make adorable Valentine’s Day gifts because (almost) everyone loves chocolate.  My kids love to use these spoons in hot chocolate and I love them in my coffee.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips
  • 6 plastic spoons
  • Assorted candies or other toppings

And The Steps:

Chocolate Dipped Spoons

First, set out your spoons on some wax or parchment paper.  Put your candy and toppings in small bowls for easy access. It’s best to get this all set up so you can use your chocolate as soon as it’s melted.


Chocolate Dipped Spoons

Next, melt the chocolate chips. You can do this in the microwave, over a double broiler or in a Little Dipper Crock Pot, like I did.  Just throw the chips in and stir every 5-10 minutes until the chocolate chips are melted.


Chocolate Dipped Spoons

Once chocolate is melted, use a spatula to spread the chocolate over the spoons.  The first few spoons I covered completely with chocolate, but I found that I preferred to just do the front of the spoons as you can see in the photo above.  This used less chocolate and was less messy, but either way is fine! It’s up to you.


Chocolate Dipped Spoons

While chocolate is still wet, add your candy or toppings.  I used a crushed candy cane, ice cream cone shaped marshmallows and Valentine M&Ms (because chocolate on top of chocolate is better than just plain chocolate!).  Coffee beans might be fun for a coffee drinker.  My kids really wanted sprinkles or jimmies.


Chocolate Dipped Spoons

Let the spoons rest on the parchment paper to dry.  It will take a few hours, at least. I live in a dry climate so it didn’t take long, but it may take longer if it’s humid.  The spoons do not need to be refrigerated.  Mine are being stored in a plastic storage bag in my pantry until Valentine’s Day.

Finally, package the chocolate spoons in a pretty Valentine’s Day bag with some ribbon, attach a card and hand out with abandon!



This article may contain affiliate links.

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