Teacher Appreciation Day Gift {Free Printable!}

Give your favorite teacher a simple and easy gift for Teacher Appreciation Day! All you need is an orange or orange peeler, ribbon and our free printable!

Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Day is May 6th this year.  I love any  reason to tell my daughter’s teachers how much we appreciate them and Teacher Appreciation Day is the perfect day to do it. My daughter is in 1st grade and while it’s easy to remember her homeroom teacher, she actually has 7 teachers total when you include specialist teachers like P.E, music, and art. I love to show these teachers how much we appreciate them, too!


I love Tupperware’s orange peelers.  My mom had these when I was a kid and I loved them.  No more sticky fingers! Another Tupperware consultant gave me the idea to give my daughter’s teachers each an orange peeler with a little “Orange you special!” note attached for Teacher Appreciation Day.

Teacher Appreciation Day

These are super quick and easy to put together.  You just need an orange peeler or orange (or both!), a hole punch, some type of ribbon or yarn and these orange you the best labels (<– just click there to print!).  I printed my labels on white card stock.

Teacher Appreciation Day

Cut out your labels out and use a small hole punch to put a hole in the top of each label.  I punched over the solid orange dot right near the top.  Then tie the label to your orange peeler.  I tied two knots – one right next to the label and another  one when I tied the label to the orange peeler.   You could also just cut the label out and stick it in a bag with an orange.

The orange peelers are available through Tupperware or on Amazon.



  1. MaineMom says

    I’ve used the tag twice to give Orange lotion from Gud by Burts Bees, super lotion, super tag, nice Thank you gift!

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