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Car Games for Kids: Transportation Bingo

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Car games help kids occupied on long (or short) road trips! This free printable bingo game will be a hit with little boys as they keep an eye peeled to find the cars, trains, trucks and airplanes on their bingo cards.

car games

I’m so excited to be participating in the Summer Survival Series for Moms of Boys hosted by The Joys of Boys! This week is all about travel and road trips.  Make sure to check the end of the post for more great ideas from other bloggers to keep your boys (and girls!) busy this summer.

Summer Survival Series color


Summer is the time for road trips and we love to take advantage of our free time to explore.   We were planning a long road trip up to South Dakota this summer to visit Mt. Rushmore, but we had to cancel those plans.  So instead we’ve taken a few shorter road trips to places nearer to us that we’ve never been before including spending the 4th of July camping at Bryce Canyon National Park.


As the kids have gotten older, they’ve become much better travelers.  Living in Las Vegas, we really don’t have to drive far too often.  At most our trips around town are half an hour.  So my kids aren’t very good at long trips.  I love that technology has helped us out with portable DVD players, iPods, iPads, gaming systems, but after a while my kids are bored with all of it.   That’s when the bickering starts.  Or the non-stop asking for food.  Both drive me crazy!

car games

For our trip to Bryce Canyon, a 4 hour drive, I created a fun bingo game for the kids to play.  We were camping and our car was packed full so I printed out several copies of the different bingo cards and just threw them away when they were done.   I wanted to put the bingo cards on a cookie sheet from the dollar store and have the kids use magnets to mark off the boxes, but of course our store didn’t have any.  So I bought them each a clip board and used those instead.  I just had the kids use crayons to mark off their boxes.

They had fun with the game.  I brought along some small snacks as prizes for the winners.   The car games helped to make a long road trip a little more fun.

car games

Print your Transportation Bingo cards for your next road trip!

Trasnportation Bingo Card A

Transportation Bingo Card B

transportation bingo card C

Transportation Bingo Card D

This article may contain affiliate links.

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  • Kara
    July 9, 2014

    I LOVE this game! So much fun. Thanks so much for sharing with our Summer Survival for Moms of Boys series. I can’t wait to print these out for our next road trip.

    • Camille
      July 10, 2014

      Thanks, Kara! And thanks for a great series this summer.