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Noom Review: A Weight Loss Program for Busy Moms

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Are you a busy mom who wants to lose weight? You need to check out Noom, the app based weight loss program that’s perfect for busy moms!

I was talking to a friend a few months ago and noticed she’d lost a lot of weight. She mentioned in passing that she was using Noom for her weight loss journey. Wait. What? 

Back in January I, too, started Noom but didn’t stick with it. My friend told me how much she loved it and encouraged me to go back and try again. So I did.  I am only 3 weeks in but so far I’m loving the way Noom has slowly helped me make small changes to the way I eat, think about food, and even get moving more. 


Why is Noom Perfect for Busy Moms?

First, you get a goal specialist. Your goal specialist checks in with you, helps you stay motivated and is basically a cheerleader to help you along and keep you accountable. Your goal specialist will help you customize your Noom experience to fit your life. 

Second, you get a group of fellow Noomers who are also along the same journey. Life is all about relationships and this is a great way to keep connected with other people who are also trying to better their life. 

Third, Noom baby steps into the process of changing your eating habits, thought patterns and exercise. One of the biggest challenges of weight loss is feeling like you have to make huge changes. You don’t. Noom slowly helps you work your way in to making small changes, little by little. 

Fourth, Noom helps you with your thought patterns. They offer #PsychTips to help you get over the mental game of weight loss. These really help when you just want to give up. 

Finally, the recipes are great! If you struggle to get veggies and fruit in your diet, you’ll love the recipes in the app. You’ll also love that there are no weird or unusual ingredients. All of the recipes use real food you’ll find right in your grocery store. And yes, fennel is a real food!

How does Noom work?

Noom is app based so you’ll need to download the app to your phone. It’s awesome because it is always with you on your phone. It’s easy to log your meals, see your steps, and even find recipes when you are grocery shopping. 

Every day you’ll get new articles to read on the app. Just start at the top and read. Fill in goals, and learn about your why. A few days in you’ll start logging meals. No pressure here. It’s just to help you see what you are eating and helps you learn to make better choices. 

You’ll work with your coach and then group to get even more assistance on your journey. 

You can start with 14 day trial for $1 to it check out. A year long plan is less than $10/month. It’s worth just for the recipes! If you are ready to make some changes, but need something slow and personalized to you, then try Noom. 

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