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5 Secrets to Surviving Weekend Activity Chaos with Kids

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I saw a meme on Facebook a few weeks ago that any parent of elementary age kids or older can relate to. It said, “Spent the entire week looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday. Then I remembered we’d signed our kids up for youth sports.” You finally get to a point in parenting when the kids are sleeping in, and the extra curricular activities take over. You’re suddenly in a position of having to wake your kids up! Parenting at its best.

Your kids’ weekend activities can be a challenge. Sitting outside all day at a sports tournament with only a port-a-potty to use for facilities. Having to figure out how to feed everyone while driving from one kid’s activity to the next one. Having two activities at the exact same time on different sides of town.


5 Secrets to Surviving Weekend Activity Chaos with Kids

Learn from Seasoned Parents: One of the greatest resources parents have is each other. Find the experienced parents who know what they are doing and ask questions. Plus, you will probably end up making friends since you will be spending many weekends together. Other parents are your greatest resource for figuring out how to survive the weekends on a field, in the bleachers, or at a rehearsal.

Get the Right Equipment: Our very first youth sport was Little League baseball. We showed up to the field on a hot fall day for our son’s first game. We lugged chairs, baseball equipment, water bottles, and snacks to our assigned diamond. We then realized we were completely unprepared. There was no shade. It was over 100 degrees outside (normal for Las Vegas in early fall).

The seasoned parents had brought pop up tents for shade and carried all the equipment over in a folding wagon. Every activity will require different types of gear to help you stay comfortable. Again, ask the seasoned parents! They will know how to stay comfortable on long days at activities.

Scope out the Bathroom Facilities: When living with incontinence, it can be pretty nerve wracking to drive up to a soccer field and realize there are no facilities except maybe a couple of port-a-potties. This is when it’s super important to make sure you have the right incontinence products. Sometimes the nearest bathroom is a car ride away. Depend® Fit-Flex® Underwear is a game changer for crazy weekend schedules spent on fields and in gyms. You will have peace of mind knowing no matter where the bathroom is, you have time to get there. Additionally, with an ultra-soft fabric, you can feel comfortable while getting all-day protection.

Get Creative with Food and Drinks: Normal eating times rarely apply to families with busy kids. It feels like you eat dinner at either 4:30 PM or 9:00 PM. It’s often easier to take food on the go. Invest in a great cooler and research picnic food. We love food we can pack in jars like salads or casseroles. Have breakfast for dinner out of your cooler. Pancakes travel well as do cooked sausages. Think outside the normal sandwiches and chips to make eating on the go fun for the whole family.

Make Dividing and Conquering Fun: Weekends get incredibly crazy when you have multiple kids in various activities. I hate missing out on a game or performance, but sometimes, it just has to happen. Take turns splitting up who takes which kid to their activities. And enjoy that one-on-one time with your child. Make it special by stopping for a treat after a game or rehearsal.

Hopefully these “secrets” will help make your weekends feel a little less crazy and a lot more fun!

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