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Celebrating Women Who Do with Vanity Fair

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I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Vanity Fair. I received product samples to facilitate my review and compensation to thank me for my participation.

Alright, ladies, today we’re going to be talking undergarments. I will admit that the last thing I ever thought I’d be discussing on my blog was bras, but last month I was chosen to be a Vanity Fair Ambassador.  The truth is even though I’ve been wearing a bra for probably around 30 years, I really knew nothing about how they should fit, how to wash them, how many I should own, when to replace or even if I was wearing the correct size.  How in the world was I so uneducated about something I wear every single day?!

Vanity Fair Blogger Summit

My guess is that a lot of you also don’t know the answers to those questions either.  In fact, 8 out of 10 women aren’t wearing the correct size bra. That’s crazy ladies! Last week I spent two days with 24 other bloggers hanging out with amazing people form Vanity Fair learning all about bras. Hopefully over the next 6 months I’ll be able to share valuable information of Vanity Fair products and promotions that will get all of us feeling comfortable, supported yet elegant in our undergarments.

Vanity Fair Bras

If you are anything like me you walk in to the lingerie department of a store and are completely overwhelmed. I generally had absolutely no idea where to start. I wasn’t particularly brand loyal and just sort of picked and chose random bras to try on. No more! The next time you head in to buy a bra, which you should be doing at least twice a year, find the Vanity Fair section at your local Kohls, Macy’s, or JC Penney. Vanity Fair has been in the lingerie business for almost 100 years. They might know a little bit about making a bra.  They offer a fabulous assortment of bras that are meant to fit comfortably while providing support and coverage yet still be pretty and affordable.

Cooling Bra

I spent a few hours learning about Vanity Fair’s selection of products. Vanity Fair’s top selling bra is the Beauty Back bra. It comes in an array of sizes, designs and colors.  I’m a wirefree gal so I was super excited to see that Vanity Fair offers several wirefree options in the Beauty Back as well as other styles.  I was also really excited about Vanity Fair’s Cooling Touch Bra. Wearing a bra all summer in weather well over 100 degrees is not exactly cool.  The Cooling Touch Bra is super light and made of WinCool fabric, a special material that not only wicks away moisture but literally cools down as it is exposed to heat.  As part of our summit in New York, Vanity Fair had us all fitted for new bras. I chose the wirefree Beauty Back because it was just so comfortable.  I’ll have more information on Vanity Fair fitting events all over the nation later this fall so make sure to check back so you can get a chance to get fitted, too.


Little Lifts

While Vanity Fair is in the business of selling bras and panties, they are also all about supporting women. Vanity Fair knows that we are “Women Who Do.”  We wear many hats as women and life can get busy and overwhelming. Vanity Fair wants to help us succeed and be the best women we can possibly be. I loved this wall of “Little Lifts” of inspirational quotes in the Vanity Fair showroom. My favorite one is  the second from the left on the bottom. I think it’s time to do a little decluttering in my life.

I’m really looking forward to sharing more about Vanity Fair with you in the next 6 months.  Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you won’t miss a post! Vanity Fair has an absolutely amazing campaign coming up this fall where we can all get something new and help lift up other women at the same time. Stay tuned!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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