Create family memories with a ping pong table from our sponsor, Killerspin! UnPlugNPlay this holiday season as you spend more time together having fun.

With Christmas just a few weeks away, I've been seeing a lot of friends asking for non-screen gift ideas for their kids. I feel the pain! Our kids have so much clutter in their rooms that I just can't bear adding more to it. But I also want them to enjoy opening a fun gift or two on Christmas morning. If you are in the same boat of wanting less toys or gifts without a screen, I have the perfect gift idea for you – a Killerspin ping pong table.



We received a MyT4 Ping Pong Table with paddles and balls from #Killerspin  just before Thanksgiving. Killerspin is encouraging families to #UnPlugNPlay by putting down the devices and spending more time together as a family with a new ping pong table.

3 Reasons to UnPlugNPlay with a Killerspin Ping Pong Table


Easy Storage: If you are worried that you don't have room for a ping pong table – you do. I thought the same thing.  Our house is not exactly huge and we don't have a dedicated play room. We decided to put the table in the garage for the winter, since our weather is so mild. And it fits great.

We don't have an attic or a basement so we have to store everything in our garage and still have room for a car. The ping pong table just slides right in and isn't in the way at all.



Easy Setup: The Killerspin table is so easy to set up that my kids can set it up themselves.  My son just turned 8 and he insisted that I not help him set up the table.  He had it up and ready for play in under 5 minutes.


Family Bonding: My husband grew up with a ping pong table in his basement in New York. He has had a lot of fun teaching our kids how to play ping pong. And they've gotten pretty good at playing, too.  Most afternoons and evenings I hear the ping pong ball bouncing back and forth as the kids play after homework and before dinner.

I'm looking forward to family ping pong tournaments and neighborhood ping pong games as the weather warms up this spring.

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