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Easy Unicorn DIY Mother’s Day Card

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Make mom an adorable unicorn DIY Mother’s Day card with card stock, a faux flowers, some glue and a free unicorn printable. Mom will love this easy handmade mother’s day card!


Even moms love unicorns! And your mom will love this adorable unicorn. This unicorn card is a super easy card to make. Just print out the printable, cut and glue. Add a few flowers and gems for an extra touch of bling.

Unicorn DIY Mother’s Day Card



• Printed Template (see below to download)

Faux Flowers: 1 large and 4 medium

• 1 piece gold pink cardstock (or any cardstock, scrapbooking paper or even construction paper)

Gold glitter glue

• 1 small gem

• Glue stick

• Scissors


1. Download the unicorn card printable. Then cut out the card-front and card-back from the template, making sure you cut inside the black boarder lines.

2. Cut two pieces of glitter pink cardstock to 5.5” x 5.5”. Feel free to get creative and use other cardstock, scrapbooking paper or even construction paper to make the card. The glitter cardstock is super fun and cute.

3. Use the white paper scraps from the template to cut a piece of paper to 5.5” x 2”. Because the glitter cardstock only has the glitter on one side, you will use this to bind the card-front to the card-back. If you are using construction paper, you can skip the binding portion and simply fold the paper in half since it’s the same color and both sides.

4. To make the binding, fold the 5.5”x2” white paper in half lengthwise, label the top “B”, open the fold and label the inside, right-handed side “D”.

5. Glue the card-front (the unicorn face) to the glitter side of the pink cardstock. Glue the card-back (with the words “Happy Mother’s Day”) to the glitter side of the other piece of glitter pink cardstock. If using another print, make sure to glue both sides of the card to the printed part of the paper.

6. Turn the card-front (unicorn face) over & label the right hand edge “A”. Turn the card-back  (words only) over and label the right hand edge “C”.

7. To bind the card together: Glue card-front “A” to white paper “B”, And glue card-back “C” to white paper “D”. When you open the card, you’ll see a part of this white paper to the inside left of the crease. If you turn the whole card to the back side, you’ll see the other part of the white paper.

8. Finally, glue the large flower to the center using glitter glue. Add the gem to the inside of the large flower. Use the gold glitter glue to attached the medium flowers along side the large flower. Cut the remaining flowers in half, putting one half on each side. Dot the glitter glue to the inside of each flower to give each a little sparkle

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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