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10+ Time Saving Top Kitchen Tools You’ll Love

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Need to save time in the kitchen? Check out these top kitchen tools that will make life easier and get dinner on the table quicker.

Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets|

10+ Time Saving Top Kitchen Tools

Rice Cooker

Cook your rice and steam some veggies all at once in this top kitchen tool. I like to make a big batch of rice and use it a few days in a row.  Many rice cookers also come with a steamer option so you can cook rice and veggies at the same time.

Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets : Rice Cooker |

Cook & Carry Casserole Crock Pot

I already own 4 slow cookers, but I need this one! Not only do I love the 9 x 13 size, but the crock can actually go in the oven for things like melting cheese just before serving.  Plus the fancy clips make it easy to take the casserole to a friends!


9 x 13 crock pot

Food Processor

I once read an article about what is in pre-packaged shredded cheese so I am kind of a nut about shredding cheese myself at home.  While it is a bit pricey, a food processor makes quick work of shredding, slicing and even dough making.

Food Processor


Garlic Press

I love to chop garlic…said no one ever. Oh and I don’t even want to talk about peeling garlic! This handy little guy comes with a helpful peeler and does all the fussy garlic chopping! Say goodbye to stinky garlic fingers!

Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets : Garlic Press |

Knife Set

These knives aren’t only pretty they are also super practical! The color coding is perfect for keeping bacteria at bay! Don’t mix up your chicken knife with your veggie knife during dinner prep! And they are just super fun right??

Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets : Knife Set |

Stove to Oven Cookware

This dish pulls triple duty going from stove to oven to table top! The cherry on top is how pretty it is!

Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets : Stove to Oven Cookware |

Pressure Cooker

Sometimes you want to cook something fast and this pressure cooker is definitely my go to tool for making a quick meal! Get rid of tough chewy meat with this handy tool!

Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets : Pressure Cooker|

Toaster Oven

It took my husband 5 years to convince me we needed a toaster oven.  Now I can’t live without it! I use my toaster oven all summer long as a little oven so my big oven doesn’t heat up the house even more. Toast a quick bagel or make a yummy s’more with this beauty! The uses are endless and it is way quicker and easier to use than the actual oven! Why heat up the big oven for one slice of pizza? This little guy gets the job done quick, and it is way more fun for the kiddos to watch too!

Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets : Toaster Oven|

Silicon Baking Mat

Not only does this mat save you on cleaning time it also saves you money since you won’t use near as much non-stick spray! And your food won’t get that yucky non-stick oily taste and feel! And forget about scrubbing the cookie sheet to death from stuck on or burnt food!

Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets : Silicon Baking Mat |


Waffle Maker

I am pretty sure you could cook ANYTHING in a waffle maker – like omelets and hashbrowns. Some of our favorites are omelettes, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and brownies! The waffle maker takes no time to heat up and cooks things in minutes! This is a trick that I do on the daily!!! I am not even lying I use my waffle maker ALL the TIME!

Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets : Waffle Maker |

Stick Blender

You need a stick blender. There I said it! Maybe this is the lazy in me but I never pull out my full size blender. It takes up too much space and it is a lot of cleanup especially when I am just making something small. And forget about a whole pot of soup, how long does that take to stick in the blender in batches?? That is why I love this little guy. It is great for one drink or for a whole pot of tomato soup!

Stick Blender


What is your favorite time saving kitchen trick? Do you have a lot of kitchen tools that save you time and energy in the kitchen? Share them in the comments!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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