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Tips and Products for Camping with Dogs

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Make this summer the best summer together with your dog using these tips for camping with dogs! Check out some fun dog gear from our partner Petco that will help make this summer your best one yet.

Tips for Camping with Dogs

Camping is one of our favorite family activities in the summer.  Up until this summer, we’ve always left our labradoodle, Ginger, at home with my sister whenever we camped.  This year is her lucky year, though. We took her on her first family camping outing.

Dog Camping

Ginger is a very active dog and she loves to “go.” I knew she’d love camping! But I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of camping gear we’d need to help make her comfortable.

Petco has an entire seasonal line of amazing gear for dogs! And while we used a lot of it for camping, we’ve also been putting a lot to use on our summer outings.

Tent for dogs

The first thing we did was make sure that Ginger had her own little space. At home Ginger has a crate that she loves to hang out in. She keeps all her toys in there.

I wanted to provide her with that same kind of place while camping so we she had her very own tent.  The Good2Go Dog Tent provided a place to keep her water, toys, and other supplies for the day. It was also a place she could go to rest.

Dog Water Bottle

I was a little concerned about keeping Ginger well hydrated while in the outdoors. This canteen and collapsible water bowl were perfect for being on the go.

We’ve been using the canteen and water bowl even just at home when we go for walks or to the dog park. It’s one of my favorite summer dog accessories.

Dog Friendly Camping

Even full with water, the canteen is light enough for kids to carry on hikes or walks.  Or just when out exploring the woods. Ginger is never far from their side.

Water Bottle for Dogs

In her tent, we kept some basic camping supplies. We had an extra water bottle with a detachable water bowl.

Bugs are a pain for everyone when camping. We used an Insect Shield Neck Gaiter to help keep them off Ginger.

Pet cooling bandana

Ginger loves to run so she tends to get herself a little overheated.  When that happened we put on a cooling bandana to help her cool down.  She was pooped out from chasing sticks here!

Camping with pets

Ginger was such a great camper! I was pretty sure she’d love being outside and having a lot of space to play in.  She also looked pretty darn cute in her scout pet bandana and hat!

Dog Camp

We brought along a Cool Dog Cot to help her keep cool and I was hoping to keep her less dirty. But apparently sticks taste better when chewed on in the dirt! Oh, well, I tried!

Family Camping with Dogs

I have to say that our first trip camping with Ginger was some of the most fun we’ve had camping.  It was great to have our entire family with us – even our furry family member.  The supplies from Petco made our first camping trip easier and more fun for everyone.


This article may contain affiliate links.

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