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Eight years ago this month my mother-in- law passed away suddenly. It took all of us by surprise, but most of all it rocked my father-in- law's world. Much to our surprise, my in-laws had never made any plans. Both were born and raised in New York, but were living in Florida at the time. At one of the most devastating times of his life, my father-in- law had to make some pretty quick and costly decisions.

Talking about what happens when you die is not really a topic anyone loves. But after my mother-in- laws passing and the subsequent chaos it caused, my husband and I sat down to talk and plan. We didn't want our family to have to make any decisions or to have to worry about the cost of anything in the event of a tragic situation.

Since it has been many years since, we recently sat down to take a look at our plans and make any adjustments. A lot can change in a few years.

Three Things Every Parent MUST Plan For (but Doesn't Want to Talk About)

Where Will You Be Buried

Just last month my husband and I reserved burial plots in a national cemetery. Since my husband is a veteran of the armed services, he and I are eligible to be buried in a national cemetery. Our family is not required to use the plots, but they are ready if needed.

Who Will Take Care of the Arrangements

While the plots are reserved and paid for, the funeral services are not. Our next step is to meet with a funeral home later this summer to find out the cost of that will be needed to cover those necessities.

How Will Everything Be Paid For

The hard truth is that death is expensive. No one wants their family to be saddled with that cost. Because we are still young, a term life insurance policy is a great way to ensure that your family is not only taken care of, but that funeral costs are covered. We have always carried life insurance on my husband through his employer. But in the last few years, I have also been contributing to our family income in a significant way. Even if you aren't contributing financially to the family, your role is still important and most likely has a financial cost. Loss of things like daytime child care², house cleaning, and meal prep are a huge hit to the family.

It is time to look into term life insurance for mom. I was interested in what it might cost me, so I got the quote below. MetLife makes it clear your final offer might vary.

One of the biggest reasons many women don't have their own life insurance is because of the medical exam¹. MetLife has created a simple term life insurance product, called MetLife Rapid Term, that provides up to $500,000 in coverage, without an in-person medical exam or requests for fluids, like blood and urine, ever, just a handful of health questions. With MetLife Rapid Term, applicants will never be asked to complete an in-person medical exam or submit fluids, like blood or urine, ever; the application just asks a handful of health questions, which can be completed online.

Death is never a comfortable topic, but it's worth talking about so your family will know that they will be taken care of if anything should ever happen to you! Head over to MetLife today to get a quote and help protect your family's future.

For more information on the full terms, conditions and limitations about the MetLife Rapid Term product, I encourage you to look at MetLife’s MetLife Rapid Term website.

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This article may contain affiliate links.