The Ultimate Craft Planner

Organize your crafting!

Are you sick of...

  • Buying a craft supply that you already own?
  • Finding a great craft idea then forgetting where you saw it?
  • Spending too much money on your craft hobby?
  • Not being able to find a craft supply you know you own?
  • Running out of time to make holiday crafts and gifts?
  • Having too many crafts going at once and nothing gets finished?
  • Spending too much time searching for what you need instead of crafting??

What if you could...

  • Keep track of all the craft supplies you have in your stash.
  • Easily locate craft supplies when you need them.
  • Stay on budget when buying crafting gear.
  • Have plenty of time to make homemade gifts.
  • Create a place for crafting ideas and inspiration.
  • Spend more time crafting and less time searching for what you need!

Only $20!

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What's Included in the Planner

daily, weekly, monthly and goal craft planner sheets

Planner Sheets

Daily, weekly, and monthly planners to help you stay on task, plus a Goal Planner for larger craft goals. Keep on target for holidays, birthdays, etc.

Craft ideas sheets for craft planner

Project Sheets

Plan your crafts with sheets for craft ideas, craft planning, craft inspiration, and notes. Never lose track of what you want to make.

Craft Lists

Keep track of craft supply inventory and where it's kept, make shopping lists for craft projects, and stay within your crafting budget.

More Features


Inventory Sheet for Craft Planner
  • Pre-made sheets for HTV, Vinyl, Infusible Ink
  • Blank sheet to use for any craft supply
  • Keep track of the brand, color, how many, and where it is stored.


craft project planner sheet for craft planner
  • Use one planner sheet for each craft project.
  • Stay organized by knowing exactly what you want to make, when and for what reason.
  • Make a list of what supplies you need and what you already own.


Craft Ideas page for craft planner
  • Create a craft journal of ideas for future crafts.
  • Write down the inspiration for the craft, color ideas, and what it is for.
  • Use these pages for yourself or to keep track of crafts you want to make for friends and family.


Craft Inspiration Page for Craft Planner
  • Never lose another craft idea!
  • Write down the craft idea and where you saw it.
  • Keep a sheet for gifts, home decor, holidays, craft fairs, or whatever else you craft for.


  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planner pages so you can plan how you want.
  • A Goal Planner helps you focus on larger goals like learning a new craft or completing a larger project.
  • Use sheets for crafting or any area of your life.


shopping list for craft planner
  • Create a shopping list for each craft project.
  • Pair the list with a Craft Project Planner.
  • Use it along with the Monthly Budget sheet so you can plan.
  • Keep an ongoing list and grab craft supplies when they are on sale!


Get the Ultimate Craft Planner for $20!

You find the perfect gift to make your BFF

You run out to the craft store and grab all the supplies needed to make it. It's going to be great! Of course, nothing you need to make the project is on sale. But it's a great project!

Then you get home and unpack the supplies. It's time to craft!

You head to your craft closet/room/cabinet for scissors. Almost all the supplies you bought at full price are in your craft stash. You forgot you'd picked them up during the last sale.

Or maybe it's something like:

  • You find the perfect gift to make, but then the kids/job/partner needs your attention, so you close your laptop. You come back and can't find the directions again.
  • In January, you buy skeins of beautiful handspun yarn to make everyone scarves for Christmas. But in July, you have no idea where the pattern is or who exactly the scarves are for.
Happy woman with her Craft Planner

It doesn't have to be like that.

The Ultimate Craft Planner is the #1 planner to organize your crafting!

You can organize your craft stash, set up a plan for crafting, and dream about all the crafts you plan to make.

The Ultimate Craft Planner will help you:

  • Organize your craft stash so you know what you own and where it is.
  • Stay on budget because you know what you already own.
  • Plan to buy supplies when they are on sale.
  • Make homemade gifts on time for your friends and family.
  • Dream big for future crafting by setting goals.

Only $20!

Click here to get the Ultimate Craft Planner!


The Ultimate Craft Planner is now DIGITAL! Just upload to your phone or tablet using an app like Good Notes and take your planner anywhere.

  • The digital version includes all the same sheets as the printable version
  • Easily duplicate pages in the app to use over and over.
  • Keep shopping lists and craft ideas on your phone for quick access while in the craft store.
  • The interface includes clickable tabs and indexes, making finding what you need easy.

I'm Camille!

I love to craft and have been an avid crafter since middle school. My craft stash lives in cupboards in my laundry room and my yarn stash in a bin in the garage.

I tried to keep track of all my crafting supplies and crafting ideas in my head, but it didn't work. Instead:

  • I was buying multiple of the same craft supplies over and over because I forgot I already owned them.
  • I couldn't remember if I had a red roll of vinyl or iron-on HTV, and I had no idea where to find it.
  • I wanted to make homemade gifts for birthdays and holidays, but I'd start too late, lose the project ideas, or buy a ton of supplies and forget why I bought them!

I created The Ultimate Crafting Planner to spend time crafting, not searching for supplies or ideas!

It's time to your crafting organized!

The Ultimate Craft Planner will help you:

  • Manage your craft stash with Inventory Lists.
  • Structure your days, weeks, and months with planners so you can craft more.
  • Set long-term crafting goals with a Goal Planner.
  • Stay within your craft budget monthly.
  • Plan craft projects for homemade gifts, home decor, craft fairs, etc.
  • Create a shopping list for specific projects or ideas and sales.
  • Keep a list of crafting inspirations and where to find them.

Craft ideas sheets for craft planner