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The Last Minute Christmas Hustle

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Christmas is two days away.  My house is completely trashed because we’ve been home just long enough each day to make a mess, leave, come home late exhausted and go to bed. I have sewing projects, knitting projects and baking projects strewed about the house.  There are two skeins of yarn and finished angel tree topper sitting in between the Menorah and the decorative candles.  Yup, this time, it’s not the kids making the mess!

I have exactly four presents wrapped because I decided to wait until Christmas Eve NIGHT to wrap them all.  It sounded like a good idea, but now…. I’m not so sure.  The plan ahead, have everything ready a week in advance, I can’t really go with the flow part of me is starting to panic.  There aren’t that many presents since each kid is only getting 3-4 gifts each, but still, I have a hard time breathing when I think about it.

I still have baking and cooking to do.  Cinnamon baked french toast will be prepped tomorrow night for Christmas morning breakfast.  The kids want to make cookies for Santa and I am on the menu for a Buche de Noel and a twice baked potato casserole for Christmas dinner.  But I can’t do much of that until tomorrow.

I only have 1 slipper knitted (not sewn up, just knit) of a pair of slippers for Miles and both the kids have runny noses. I hate dropping them off at church with runny noses!

But really, none of it matters.  It will all more or less get done and I can live with whatever doesn’t even if that means buying a dessert at the grocery store!  It’s time to let it go, relax and enjoy the holiday season with those you love.  So take a deep breath, stay calm and BE MERRY!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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