Shrimp boil

A shrimp boil is one of my favorite ways to feed a crowd. A simple spice pack is added to water. Then boil potatoes, sausage, corn and shrimp.  Serve with melted butter for dipping and the shrimp boil will become your favorite party food. For my daughter’s birthday[…]

coney dogs

  This coney dog recipe is the closest I’ve found to the taste and texture of the coney dogs I grew up eating in Michigan.  Coney dogs vary by region, but they all have the same basic ingredient.  This is my favorite coney dog recipe along with some[…]

Embellished Heritage Mason Jar

There’s one more holiday left this year in which to highlight all things Red, White, and Blue – Labor Day!  With blue mason jars now readily available with Ball’s Heritage Collection it’s easy to transform them into wonders of Americana. It’s me Jenn from A Jennuine Life and[…]