Slow cooker cabbage rolls are moister and more flavorful than ones baked in the oven. Stuffed with beef and rice and simmered in a tomato sauce all day long, this comfort food makes enough to feed families. Cabbage rolls, or stuffed cabbage, are one of my all time[…]

coney dogs

  This coney dog recipe is the closest I’ve found to the taste and texture of the coney dogs I grew up eating in Michigan.  Coney dogs vary by region, but they all have the same basic ingredient.  This is my favorite coney dog recipe along with some[…]

Swedish Meatballs from @thegabels #recipe

Swedish meatballs are a fun twist on the traditional Italian meatball. Serve the meatballs over rice or noodles for a new family favorite. Ever since my first trip to IKEA, I have loved Swedish meatballs.  I mean, I love meatballs in general because they are easy to make[…]

Easy Classic Lasagna ~ Growing Up Gabel

One night, about six or seven years ago, my sister called me asking questions about making lasagna.  She called about ever two minutes until I finally just went to her house and helped her make one!  The thing about lasagna is that it seems like it should be[…]

This recipe is actually for a MEAL of meatballs,  but I think these are absolutely perfect for a tailgate.  If you use a slow cooker, you can keep them warm and ready to go.  You can make them well in advance, freeze and just re-warm on game day![…]