Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday with this  fun Horton the Elephant craft using cotton balls and paint! One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to sit on my dad’s lap as he read Dr. Seuss books.  We had quite the collection! But it wasn’t until[…]

Give your kids a little surprise at lunch time with adorable printable Dr. Seuss Lunch Box notes! I pack my kids lunch four days a week. They get a treat of taking hot lunch once a week.  I love to surprise them with little notes in their lunches.[…]

Celebrate Dr. Seuss with these 10 cute and fun recipes! From dessert to snacks - your kids will love them all!

Celebrate the birthday of one of the most creative authors of our time with these adorable Dr. Seuss recipes! 10 Cute & Fun Dr. Seuss Recipes Dr. Seuss is that magical creator whose work is loved by all generations and celebrations.  Did anyone else receive multiple copies of[…]