Audoibooks help make long boring car rides more fun!

Stock up on the best audiobooks for family road trips! This summer take audiobooks on your travels with a FREE trial from our partner Audible. My kids have been listening to audiobooks since about they time they were born. I love to read but I hate reading aloud.[…]

Build your library this year with one, or more, of these fun Hanukkah books for kids! My kids have never ending questions about Hanukkah. It’s hard for them to wrap their minds around Hanukkah since we don’t live a Jewish lifestyle all year long.  But reading kid stories[…]

chapter books for girls

Keep your new reader interested in books with these fun mermaid chapter books for girls! Thank you to Staples for encouraging making memories of “firsts” this back to school season and for sponsoring this post. We are now just about done with our first month of school and[…]