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The Ultimate List of Cookbooks for Summer Grilling Recipes

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Help dad find new summer grilling recipes with a new grilling cookbook from our partner Barnes & Noble for Father’s Day!

Help dad find new summer grilling recipes with a new grilling cookbook for Father's Day! This list of cookbooks includes grilling ideas for recipes that are healthy and easy. From chicken to beef to hamburgers and kebabs, Dad will make the best grilling recipes all summer long!

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and when it comes to my husband, that couldn’t be more true. But the man also loves to cook.  Specifically, he’s a grill warrior and loves spending time outside cooking on the grill.

While a new grill would be a wonderful Father’s Day gift, a grilling cookbook full of grilling tips and summer grilling recipes is much easier to wrap.

Master of the Grill

Master of the Grill: Foolproof Recipes, Top-Rated Gadgets, Gear & Ingredients Plus Clever Test Kitchen Tips & Fascinating Food Science: What I love about this cookbook is that it’s not just recipes. It’s from America’s Test Kitchen, which is one of my go to sources for all things cooking.  This book talks about the best grilling gadgets, gear, and other info on the food science behind grilling.


Taste of Home Grilling

Taste of Home Backyard Barbecues: 405 Dishes for Sizzling Celebrations: Taste of Home is another of my go to sources for amazing recipes. I love that this book not only includes the standard meat grilling recipes, but it also has side dishes and drinks and desserts.  It is truly a go to source for summer entertaining!


Southern Living

Southern Living Ultimate Book of BBQ: The Complete Year-Round Guide to Grilling and Smoking:  From the editors at Southern Living, this book has over 200 recipes of truly unique southern BBQ recipes.  No one does smoking and barbecuing quite like the southern states and this book is full of traditions, tips and tricks.


Great American Burger

The Great American Burger Book: How to Make Authentic Regional Hamburgers at Home: Burgers are the classic summer grilling recipe. But there is so much more to a great burger than just a slab of ground meat on the grill. What I love most about this burger cookbook is that it features regional favorites like the Loco Moco Burger from Hawaii or The Butter Burger from Wisconsin. Try a new burger from every state with this fun cookbook.


Big Green Egg

Smoke It Like a Pro on the Big Green Egg & Other Ceramic Cookers: If dad has a Big Green Egg or other ceramic cooker, then this is the book for him. Not only does this book include recipes, but it also has tips and tricks for cooking on ceramic smokers.


Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction: Bobby Flay is like the man’s man of grilling. You can’t go wrong with a Bobby Flay cookbook on grilling. Ever.  He’s got everything in this book from cooking whole chickens to making burgers. It’s a great all around grilling cookbook.


Smoke and SPice

Smoke & Spice, Updated and Expanded 3rd Edition: Cooking With Smoke, the Real Way to Barbecue:  If Dad prefers to smoke food, then check out this cookbook. Smoke & Spice is the best selling cookbook for smoking! The book has 450 recipes from each of the U.S.’s best barbecue regions like Brisket Frito Pie.  I’d get the book just to check out the Chipotle Cherry Cobbler recipe!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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