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Summer Fun for Mom: Bravo’s Odd Mom Out

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I never expected the social side of being a mom to be more difficult to navigate than high school.  I loved high school. I was good at high school.  I understood the ins and outs of the social hierarchy and I played it well.  But the social hierarchy of motherhood is another ball game.  I’m getting better at navigating the motherhood social waters, but sometimes I’m still surprised to find myself as the odd mom out.

A few years ago a mom in a Bible study I attended invited the entire study to her daughter’s birthday party. We all had kids the same age who came with us every week so it made sense.  I RSVP’d that we’d go and looked forward to a fun afternoon with friends.  Except when I showed up, I didn’t know a single other person at the party.  My friend had invited our entire Bible study group and her entire play group.  No one else from the Bible study came to the party but everyone from the play group did and I didn’t know a single one of them.

I was ready to pack up and leave, but my daughter was a have a blast playing in the bouncy house and with the other kids.  So what to do? Well, I sat in a chair alone for a good 2 hours.  Do you know not one of the other moms even attempted to include me in their conversations?! I sat there thinking about this awkward situation and how I’d never expected to feel so out of place in a social gathering as a mother.   While that was the first time I remember feeling like the odd mom out, it certainly hasn’t been the last.

Odd Mom Out

Motherhood is a funny business and this summer Bravo is launching a new scripted comedy called Odd Mom Out.  I had the chance to preview the first two episodes and it is hilarious!  I found myself literally laughing out loud and totally relating to the main character, Jill, as she navigates motherhood.  Jill has an interesting perspective into the crazy world of the Upper East Side—where money is no object to her peers and normal every day issues consist of how to get your child into the best private school, which elite cycling class you should attend, or when to add a “Von” to your name to move up a class. Jill hilariously navigates the social scene; one awkward moment at a time.  One of my favorite characters in the show is Jill’s husband, Andy. I absolutely love the way Bravo portrays Andy as a husband and father.

Odd Mom Out premieres on June 8th @ 10/9c on Bravo and you don’t want to miss it! Make yourself a little MOM-osa and settle in for a lot of laughs!  Make sure to check out the trailer, too!



Aside from being super funny and totally relatable, Bravo is also giving viewers an opportunity to win $20,000 in each of the first 4 weeks of premiere episodes (starting 6/8 – 6/29) through the Tune-In to Win Sweepstakes.  Tune in live at 10/9c on Mondays (6/8-6/29) for the secret hashtag and tweet it out to @BravoTV each week for your chance to win!


This article may contain affiliate links.

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