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How to Survive the First Years with a Strong Willed Child

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Are you parenting a strong willed child? There is hope! Someday that strong will can become your child’s greatest asset. See how we survived the early years and are now thriving!

Parenting a strong willed baby or toddler? Hang on and see how you can not only survive, but eventually thrive with that will!

My daughter is turning 9 in July. It’s not really a milestone birthday. But it occurred to me that 9 means she has reached the halfway point of her life as my “kid.” In 9 more years, at age 18, she will graduate from high school and begin life out one her own (more or less). The first few years with my strong-willed daughter were tough. But I promise if you can hang on, be consistent and enjoy the moments, that tenacity and strength will blossom and grow into a beautiful child who makes you proud.

Parenting a newborn


The entire time my daughter was a baby, I was just wishing for time to go faster. From the second she was born, this strong willed child gave me a run for my money. I was pretty certain that if I could just hold on, her inner strength and tenacity would be an asset for her entire life. Those days were full of exhaustion and loneliness. Everyone tells you to cherish the time because it goes by so fast. For the most part they are right. I’m so glad that we have photos and videos of that first year because I’m pretty sure I forgot most of it in a sleep deprived cloud.

Then we hit the twos and the ever popular “threenager.” I really don’t have words for this stage. This age is the reason for the many gray hairs on my head. My best advice for this stage is to just hang on, be consistent, and know it will end. I promise.

parenting a toddler

Around the age of 5 is when we hit pretty smooth sailing. My daughter decided she could sleep past 5 AM. She didn’t fight me on every single decision every single minute of the day. She still refused to brush her hair on a regular basis, but you have to pick your battles.

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And now we are almost at 9. Almost halfway to legal adulthood. The tenacity, independence and strong will that were my undoing for the first 5 years of her life, are now my daughter’s greatest strengths. I’m not quite sure how that is going to work when she’s a teenager, but for right now, I’m enjoying this amazing girl.

If you are in the throes of raising a strong willed baby or toddler, hold on! I promise there is a light (and more sleep) at the end of the tunnel. The tantrums will lessen and that will that you feel is fighting every decision you make will lead to a self-confident kid. If, like me, your baby days are over and you miss the little things about babyhood, then check out Dreft Blissfuls InWash Scent Booster that provides a baby fresh scent to your laundry. One of the things I miss most about my babies are their sweet smell. Dreft Blissfuls can bring back that amazing baby fresh scent (and all those memories) whenever you want.

This article may contain affiliate links.

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