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Stay Warmer and Save Money with Warmboard Flooring

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We’ve lived in our current home for just over 6 years.  In those 6 years, we’ve replaced our downstairs flooring not once – but twice! We originally had ripped up the beige builder grade wall to wall carpet in our dining room and replaced it with peel and stick laminate wood flooring.  Then we replaced the carpet in our living room with a floating laminate wood flooring that didn’t match the flooring in the dining room.  Finally this summer we ripped it all up and put down the same laminate flooring throughout the entire dining and living areas.  It looks great!

I really hated that old carpet and couldn’t wait to be rid of it, but this is the first time I’ve not had carpet in the winter.  I was surprised at how cold my feet get in the winter with the laminate flooring.  Granted, I live in Las Vegas so cold is relative, but it was still cold for us. I bought everyone slippers and called it good.


I wish I’d known about Warmboard flooring when we put down our floor this summer. Warmboard is a radiant heat solution that is energy-efficient, provides constant comfort in your home, lowers heating and operating costs. Warmboard can be used with virtually any flooring from hardwood to tile.  Even HGTV home renovation experts, like The Cousins, are using Warmboard not only in clients homes but also in their own homes.

So how does it work? Check out this cool infographic!


In a nutshell, hot water is run through tubing beneath the floor of your home, which in turn heats up your house.  No more hot air blowing out of vents causing dry skin and sinuses.  Warmboard actually improves air quality in your home during the winter months because all that dust that used to be blown around by the force air heat is gone.  Because Warmboard uses aluminum, it uses much lower water temperature to heat your home, which in turn means you save money on heating bills.

Warmboard would be a great addition to make to your home this winter!


This article may contain affiliate links.

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