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4 Places to Stash Snacks on the Go

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You would think that since I work from home I’d eat very health snacks. Fruit, veggies, smoothies … all are just over in my kitchen. But the truth is that I spend a lot of time on the go and wind up hungry and stopping for a snack.  But no more! Thanks to bars form our sponsor, FiberOne, I’m stashing snacks all over so I’ll never go hungry again.

FiberOne Baked Bars

I grabbed two boxes of FiberOne bars at Costco on my last shopping trip. They were right up front by the cashiers and as I was waiting in line, they called my name. I couldn’t decide between Lemon or Oats and Chocolate so I grabbed both.

Snack Bars

FiberOne now has 25% less sugar and no artificial colors or flavors. They actually have more fiber than sugar! The trick of course is to make sure that I always have a bar on hand when snack time rolls around and I’m on the go. And aside from all that – they are delicious! Oh my goodness the Lemon Bars taste like cake!

Here are some ideas for where to stash your FiberOne bars so you always have one on hand for snacking!

FIber One CHewy bars

In your purse: This one is a no brainer. My purse mostly goes everywhere I go. The problem is that my kids usually end up eating anything I put in my purse. But I still try!

In your car: It never fails that I’m hungry while sitting in the school pick up line. Of course, I have to get there half an hour before school ends just to get a decent spot in line.  Throw a  few FiberOne bars in your glove compartment for those times when you’re driving and need to eat.

Snacks on the Go

In your luggage: I am spending two weeks in September traveling to three different conferences. It’s a little crazy! I get motion sick on airplanes and keeping my tummy full is the key to not feeling sick. FiberOne bars are on the packing list for both my carry on and my checked luggage so I’ll even have snacks at the conferences.

In your activity bag: Every Wednesday I head to church for morning study. I have a bag with all my supplies. It never fails that I’m starving half way through the morning. I’m throwing a few bars in because it’s always nice to have extra to share. Throw one in your book club bag, gym bag, sewing bag or whatever bag you have that regularly goes with you to activities!

Grab a few boxes of FiberOne bars at Costco, stash them away and you’ll always have your favorite snack on hand!

Want some more ides for snacks on the go? Check out FiberOne’s Snacks on the Go Pinterest Board!

Easy Snack Ideas

This article may contain affiliate links.

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