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The Sisterhood of Motherhood

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I turn 40 this year. It’s kind of a big deal. My eldest child is turning 9 in July which means I didn’t join The Sisterhood of Motherhood until I was 30 years old. I thought I knew it all. I thought my parenting would be perfect. My child would be perfect. All of my friends and I would raise our children exactly the same way and agree on everything.

I was dead wrong.

Have you seen this video on motherhood yet? Check it out:

This video is really nails down the “mommy wars” when it comes to babies. But the “mommy wars” don’t stop after babyhood. Oh no – and you thought breastfeeding and co-sleeping would be the end of it? Guess again! I think it gets crazier. After the craziness of babyhood, the toddler and pre-school years float on by. Then, suddenly one day your oldest is ready to head to school – or you thought they were.

It turns out there is a pretty good amount of disagreement amongst parents as to when kids should start school. My daughter turned 5 in July but I waited an extra year to send her to school so most of her friends are now in 3rd grade and she’s in 2nd grade. That was really hard.

When your kids start school most states require they be vaccinated. Oh well who knew the vaccine debate would rear it’s ugly head again. It is alive and well mostly thanks to the recent measles outbreak. But it was a touchy subject before that.

Yankee Miles

Then your kids are old enough to sign up for after school activities like sports. Some parents can be a little competitive. Some parents think school comes first and other parents think activities come first.

There is also the great debate about school attendance. A child in your child’s class misses an entire week of school to go on a family vacation – in October! Or another student is 5 minutes late every single day and you just can’t seem to understand how that’s even possible.

You can come down on any side of any of those issues and we don’t have to agree on it. We have every right to parent our kids as we see fit. I can guarantee you that I can’t tell which kids I meet that were breastfed or formula fed; which co-slept or cried it out; or which had working moms or stay at home moms. So don’t sweat it, mom! Do you what you feel in your gut is best for your baby (or kid) and your family. We are all different people raising all different people and that’s the beauty of the world we live in.

Welcome to The Sisterhood of Motherhood.

Sisterhood of Motherhood

Let’s support each other! Tell us your biggest parenting “fail” in the comments and then leave another comment reassuring someone else that it is OK! Your kids will turn out just fine.

This article may contain affiliate links.

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