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6 Ways to Show Your Dog You Really Love Them

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I’m sharing #Luvsome in my life as part of a Luvsome sponsored series for Socialstars™.

We adopted our labradoodle, Ginger, 3 years ago.  She and I spend a lot of time together so I work from home. Sometime over the past 3 years Ginger became “my” dog. I didn’t really realize how attached she was to me until I left for a 10 day work trip last September. My family texted me photos of sweet Ginger moping in the corner. My husband said that she barely ate and had no interest in playing or her favorite treats. She was one happy gal when I finally returned home!

After that trip I realized that just like people, dogs need to be shown love and affection, too. Ginger loves me and I love to show her a little love in return.

6 Ways to Show Your Dog You Really Love Them


Play Time: I don’t always have time to play with Ginger so I try to squeeze it in after I get home from dropping off the kids from school.  We have a tennis ball in the garage and I throw the ball with her for 5-10 minutes in the driveway. She loves to play ball and is always happy to play with me.

Car Rides: A car ride is the absolute highlight of Ginger’s day. So whenever I am running an errand, I take her along. I hit up the drive through so I don’t have to leaver her in the car alone because being alone causes her a little anxiety. I know not all dogs love car rides, though so find something your dog loves and try to make it happen for them.

Go on a Hike or Long Walk: Ginger loves to be outdoors and hiking is one of her favorite things to do.  A long walk or hike is also a great way to help your dog spend a little energy if they are a high energy dog like Ginger.

Hair Brushing: Ginger is not a fan of hair brushing, but my sister’s goldendoodle Izzy loves it! Whenever Izzy is staying with us, I make sure to spend some time brushing her hair.

Treats: I’m not really big in to giving Ginger treats, but my dad is. Ginger knows exactly where the treats are at his house and she heads straight to the treat dish as soon as we walk in her door. It’s a special bond they have.

Meal Time: After we’d had her a few months, Ginger quickly got in to the routine of eating when we did. If I’m sitting down eating, then she wants to eat, too.  So we make sure she eats with us.

I also make sure Ginger eats the best pet food possible. High quality pet food can get to be pretty costly, but Luvsome dog food offers a great quality of  delicious dog food at an affordable price. Plus it’s available right in the grocery store so I don’t have to make a special trip to the pet store just for dog food.  Luvsome helps balance quality and value so your dog can get a great food that won’t blow the budget.

Loving dogs is pretty and they love simple things. But the thing they want most is just to be with you!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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